If only I had time to workout

If only I did not drive by a McDonald’s after work

If only they made a diet pill that worked

If only they did not have cake in the office

If only life was easier

If only I did not have a problem with food

If only I could lose weight

If is a weird word. Until you flip it….

Fi nally I made time to go to the gym

Fi nally I brought an apple so I did not have to stop at McDonald’s

Fi nally I controlled my portions so I do not have to rely on a pill

Fi nally I said no to the cake in the office

Fi nally I know I have a problem with food, but it will not stop me from my goals

Fi nally I lost weight

I am not even close to being a RD, personal trainer, or doctor. I am like millions of other people who lost weight.

Like millions of others, I struggle. I am okay with that, it makes me stronger.

I do not make excuses for my actions. I come up with solutions.

People ask me what is the best weight loss plan.

I have no idea. All I know it takes heart to lose weight.

And turning if’s into fi’s.

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