It has been over three years now, and I am still a weight loss blogger.

I never made the switch. I never switched to being a fitness blogger and start yelling at people with all caps ( COME ON PEOPLE!!!! GET MOVING!)

I did not switch to be a health blogger and talk about farmer’s markets. The one I went to close by sold kettle corn.

I am not an every day blogger. I do not think you really want to hear about my life…

“Hi all! Today my dog sh*t on the floor and my wife was about to kill her. Then, my son threw his sippy cup for no reason :). After that….”

I also never made the switch to the “I say I am a health blogger but not really” blogger who is slender, yet posts pictures of fattening Starbucks coffees and fried foods.

No, I am a weight loss blogger.

When I explain it, I try to tell people that each genre of blogging is like a chess piece. The weight loss bloggers are not on the chess board. We are playing Boggle. Because everything boggles our minds.

For three years I talk about losing weight. How I did lose weight. Struggles with food. How I was not able to do things that normal people could do.

I thought after losing weight I would be normal. My mind would switch and I could post about kettlebells and other fun things.

Yet, I still see things differently.

A weight loss blog’s life is around five months. The very strong ones are around for a couple of years strictly talking about weight loss.

I have done this for three plus years.

I am not the longest by far. Lyn has been a weight loss blogger much longer than me. Diana has been a weight loss blogger much longer than me. Sean has been around for a while, and so has Tony.

For a while, I was not thrilled about being a weight loss blogger. I wanted to be more.

Now I embrace it.

So I am tipping my scale to all the true weight loss bloggers out there.

We are one of a kind.


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