Tuesday’s are my favorite day of the week. I am always off of work, and my son and I spend quality time together. I used to blog every Tuesday, but lately I have not blogged as much. I actually have a lot to say, but just did other things instead.

During his nap, I saw a link on Twitter. I am a very random guy, and I love just talking to people on there for no reason or reading blog posts.

The link was by Anda (Leaving Fatville). It was this post by a health blogger named Carrots’ N’ Cake.

The post is the author talking about her day, and then anonymous comments came in saying that it was not a busy day and putting her down.

You know, even explaining this makes me feel stupid.

There were some replies about the post, defending her day, talking about stay at home moms and how hard they work. Yet, this post was not about that. This was simply a post about a day in the life of a blogger.

I have read thousands of posts over the years. This one I can not figure out.

Who could possibly get upset over this post? Who would read this post in the morning, spit out her coffee, and be upset. It is a health blogger….talking about her day…..where she ran around…..and said she was busy. She did not compare her day to others. She did not ask the readers if her day is busy. She talked about her day. That is it.

I read the post 30 times looking for something and could not find it. I thought maybe it was the ducks she almost hit? Maybe it was that chocolate chip thing? No, this was ridiculous.

So, I hung out with my son, and went to bed.


Before work I was going to write a post about this, but stopped myself. I could just imagine the comments…

“Well, her day is not that busy….”

“I love Carrots “N” Cake! She is my favorite…..”

“Are you also getting loose skin surgery?”

Ehhh, I hate comments. Everyone is smarter than the reader….

Quick joke. How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb? 50. One to do it, 49 to comment , saying great job, they could have done it better, talk about their experience changing the light bulb in the past, and ask where the blogger got the light bulb.

Work has been real good lately. Busy, but good. Everyday some new challenge happens.

On Wednesday in particular, one guy was real upset with his food. He was going on and on about how he used to work in restaurants, and blah blah blah*.

*I get yelled at work by guests all the time. I listen, apologize, then buy their food. They say back to me “That is not why I am complaining…” and I say “I know, I made the mistake, ad I want to take care of it.”

I noticed he had a tattoo on his arm that said the inspirational quote “Hoes B Hoes”. I did not hear anything the guy was saying since I was consumed with his tattoo.

Was his tattoo true? Once you are a prostitute, are you always a prostitute? I remember in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts character retired and then ran off with Richard Gere. There are many “ladies of the night” who have moved on to other things, right? I do not agree with his tattoo. What about that woman who made Juno? Wait, she was a stripper, not a prostitute. Yet, it made me think…..


I still thought about that Carrots “N” Cake post. More so, I thought about how many bloggers I know with Carrots in their name. I also know a lot of bloggers with Fit, Workout, Former, and Journey in their name as well.

I went to Sam’s Club. The funny thing about Sam’s Club is I never go for anything specific yet get excited when I see a bargain. This is the reason why there are 50 cans of Progresso Soup in my cabinet.

Also, how do you try on clothes there?

The one part about Sam’s Club that angers me is the person who checks everything in your cart at the end. All warehouse clubs have them. They grab your receipt, look through your cart and then either highlight your receipt or punch a hole in it.

These people never check!!!! NEVER!!! I always hide an item just to see and they always look up and down my cart and say I am good. I AM NOT GOOD! YOU DID NOT COUNT!!!!

They are not doing their job…..


Now I am wondering why I am still thinking about this post by Carrots ‘N’ Cake.

While thinking about it, I was going to do a post about Pole Dancing. How is this a workout now? I get it, it takes skill to climb a pole, yet, it is not very empowering. There are other workouts other than pole dancing. Then I remembered I am a heterosexual male blogger, so this kind of post would not go over well.

Then I remembered that the end of the world was supposed to be on Saturday, so maybe I should post it. Ehhh, I had to wait and see.


I realized why I was so fascinated with the post by Tina (Yes, I finally looked up her name, although I should have known since I wrote about “The Big Six” before). She wrote a post and then anonymous idiots wrote comments. She replied and defended herself.  She had no reason to defend her life or even reply. It was a busy day!

I defend my life as well. When people comment on my blog I do the same. It is why I do not like comments. I like to talk about my life on my blog, not here what I did wrong in my life on my blog.

Her post also made me think about me though.

Do I REALLY want to be a weight loss blogger? Do I REALLY want to get my story out there? Do I REALLY want to continue getting yelled at work by people with “Hoes B Hoes” tattoos?

Then I realized there was no end of the world, which made me feel good about not posting about pole dancing.

I have time in life. Time I did not realize I had when I was 420 pounds. When I truly thought every day was my last. When I truly did not care what I did each day.

Every day I am getting better. As a writer, as a husband, as a leader. The beauty is I see it. It is great when others see it, amazing when you see it for yourself.

So who knows what the future holds?

I know I have a tomorrow.




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