There I was in the delivery room. I remember when my wife was in labor and I held her hand.It was a magical moment. I looked at my wife and told her to be calm and to breathe, just like a saw on television.

About 200 swear words later, I shut up. There was no Lamaze class or video that could prepare me for the barrage of  spicy words that I was subjected to. I deserved it, I put my wife in that situation. I am a Dad.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I am blessed with a wonderful Mom and a great Mother-In-Law.

Today I want to talk about my wife who is a Mom.

My son is going to be two in June, and I never tell my wife the respect I have for her being a mom. Sure, she sees me whining how I am not accepted by the mommy bloggers , but the truth is, I am no mommy blogger. Mommies do much more than Dads. I am the first to admit it.

As a Dad, there are some thing I do not understand……

1. Strollers- We have three strollers. Why? One is for light activity, one is for longer activities (Parks, Malls, Etc.) and one is like a house. Why can’t we just have one stroller. I thought it was just my wife, until someone talked to my wife at the store for thirty minutes.

“OMG, is that a Baby Jogger?”
“Yeah, I just got it. It is the latest technology. It has a cup holder and everything.”

2. Diaper Wars- When I was a kid, there were rap wars between Tupac and Notorious BIG. Now, I see wars between Huggies and Pampers. We are a Pampers family, and would not dare bring in Huggies. Not sure why, but it seems like you have to like one or the other. I think we should just use old newspaper, but luckily my wife thinks different.

3. Baby Language- How do Moms understand toddlers? My wife is fluent in baby talk. My son looks at me and says “NSKNDKBCKHBKCJ” and my wife says “Tony, he wants the red ball on the second shelf.” Sure enough, he does.

4. Diaper Bags- You would think that a diaper bag would just have diapers, but NO! My wife has two diaper bags (A Coach one for her and a Wal-Mart brown one for me) and everything is in there. Diapers, snacks, drinks, toys, televisions, cars, and an airplane. I do not carry mine that often and for some reason, I know it will burn me one day.

5. Jon Jons- Why do women think these are cute on little boys? Just put on an Adidas sweatsuit and go.

My son is a real good kid. He is sweet and friendly, and catches on to things real well.

My wife has a very good job and is a full time mom. I could not even tell you the amount of hours she works in a day. When people are amazed that I wake up at 4am to work out, I am more amazed that my wife, who has a office at home, can work, parent, and do other things.

So yesterday my son was in a funk. I was at work all day and just got updated texts from my wife. I was pretty busy at work because of Mother’s Day, which is the busiest weekend at the restaurant.

When I got home, my son was in the best mood. I looked at my wife and said “Are you sure he was in a bad mood today?”

After my wife said another 200 swear words to me, I told her I was only kidding.

My wife is an amazing mom. She works hard.I absolutely respect her for everything she does.

And I would like to wish her and all the other Moms a very happy Mother’s Day.

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