I am not a daily blogger. I rarely talk about my day to day life.

But I have not blogged in a week, and I have no idea why……

It started on Tuesday when I read Jack’s post. I liked how he did a parody on a rap song, so

I thought I would do the same…..

Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me


Oh those M and M’s look good? Heh
Let me drop some s*** like this here, real smooth

At night I can’t sleep, I toss and turn
Breadsticks in the dark, visions of marshmallows bein burned
Four walls just starin at a big man
I’m paranoid, thinking about a successful weight loss plan
My mother’s always stressin I was not livin right
I did not go out without a fight
See, everytime my eyes close
I start sweatin, and the scent of muffins comes at my nose
Somebody wants me to gain back the weight
But I don’t know who it is, so I’m nervous about fate
I can see him when I’m deep in the flan
When I awake I don’t see the 420 pound man
He owns a hoodie like I own
Black shoes and a hat like my own
Some might say, “Take a chill, T”
Forget that noise! Someone is trying to sabotage me
I’m poppin the apple chips when the wind blows
Every twenty seconds got me peepin out my window
Investigatin the joint for snacks
Checkin the pantry for Cracker Jacks
I’m starin at the man in the mirror
It’s messed up when your mind is playin tricks on ya

After about 40 minutes I realized that I really did not have the patience for doing the other two verses. How does Jack do it?????

Plus, this is not what I enjoy doing. So I did other things around the house.

Then, I saw my friend Jen did a challenge. I was thinking about doing one as well, but realized I am horrible at organizing challenges. Jen is great at it, I am not. For some reason though, I wish I was better at it. So I decided not to do one. Instead, I decided to challenge myself to burning 30,000 calories through workouts in May, and tracking it on Facebook. No prizes, no entries, just me and a heart rate monitor. I decided not to blog about it.

Then some time passed. I worked out, I played with my son, I did stuff around the house for my wife and I worked. All of the sudden, it was a week later, and no blog posts.

In the past, when I have not blogged for some time, I felt guilty. I did not feel guilty. In fact, I do not think anyone cared.

There is a term bloggers use called unplugging. I did not unplug. I did not stay away from reading blogs or answering emails.

I really did not have much to say.

I realized I have a lot to prove………

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