Yesterday was my three year blogging anniversary. I would get upset that no one said anything, but the truth is, I did not realize it until I decided to read my first post today.

Well, a lot has gone on in three years. I still think it is amazing that I kept up with this blog for so long. I can remember when I started how I did not know what Facebook was, or that I could get a .com site. My writing has evolved a little, and I think that I have learned more about myself in the last three years through my writing than I ever thought I would.

So my opinion on blogging….

I think I will answer it my way……

When I first started out in blogging, I did not get it. I did not understand how comments worked, blogging etiquette, or blogging traffic. In all fairness, I still do not get blogging etiquette. If you do not believe me, ask some other weight loss bloggers.

All I knew is that I could keep my thoughts on the computer, and people could read them if they could find me.

At first, I did not promote my blog. I did not know how.

But I would get comments? One or two, which was such a shock to me.

I wanted to get better at “blogging”.

So I bought books on blogging. I would read the books and take notes. I have close to ten books on blogging. Most of them tell you how to make money doing it, but there were some good tips. Once I had the confidence, I asked my brother to link my blog on one of his posts. I do not like asking people for things, so this was not easy. His blog is popular and he could get me more hits than I could at the time.

He did link me, and I got some hits. I started to promote my blog more on WW forums (Which I was suspended from twice for promoting my blog)3 Fat Chicks, MyFitnessPal, Traineo, Yahoo Forums, Sparkpeople (I was suspended there once for talking about my blog) and other weight loss boards. I was considered incredibly annoying, and rightfully so. Some people were so disgusted at what I was doing, but a good amount of people were happy to find my blog.

I also started to comment on the popular blogs. At the time it was Dietgirl, Pastaqueen, and Roni. There were a couple others, but they do not blog anymore. I would read the posts,but my comments would be similar. It always started like this…..

“That makes so much sense! When I was 420 pounds I felt that way, but after losing ____ pounds I see a difference. Oh, if you want, you can go to my blog at”

I would read blogs to get ideas and insights. I would study the Mizfits of the world. How they posted every day at 6:03am. She was a brand. I wanted to be that way.

I studied how some bloggers could post every day, even twice.I never had posts “in the chamber” I would write, post, and wait. I still do it like that.

I wanted to be a better. I would read so many blogs. I would comment on so many. Then, I realized that I would take posts that people wrote personally. They had nothing to do with me, yet it seemed like they did. Just like so many people who read my blog so. I was way to involved.

I can remember getting so angry that I was not a member of Blogher. Read that again, I was ANGRY because I was not a member of Blogher. How silly is that now. It was not to me then.

I got upset when people would not comment back on my post when I commented on theirs. I would get upset when people took my posts the wrong way*.

*I still do, but it was much worse.

I would read so many blogs. I knew about everyone. Then they stopped blogging and I would be furious! In my mind I would think…

“Oh, you said we were friends, right? Where are you now? Why did you leave?”

Then one day, after writing consecutive negative posts, my wife said “I think you are on the computer way too much.”

She was right.

People use the term “Unplugging” when they are going away from the computer. I think that if you use that term, you might be on the computer way too much.

I probably still am on the computer way too much.

I really really try to limit myself now. I have so many ideas for posts, but I will not write more than four a week. I read a handful of blogs, but mostly follow people on Twitter and Facebook when I can go on there once in a while. It does seem like I am on there a lot, but most of it is from my phone.

As you may have noticed I have my comments on. I still do not like comments. I never will.

I turned them off originally after writing this post in August of 2009. Read the first few comments. It really bothered me then.

After three years, I realized that it is not fair for a blogger to turn off their comments. It is a great way for you to get your blog out there. People read a good comment and then click on your blog.

As annoying as I am, I am proud of my blog. I was able to get people to read posts that helped them. Posts that wives shared with their husbands. Posts that inspired people to blog.I still do it.

I am amazed of what I have accomplished. I have helped people with my story. I have met some great people. Not only that, I have helped myself.

There will be more as well.

I love this blog. It helps me. I am someone who rarely talks, so it is one of those outlets that I need.

In three years I have gotten close to 10,000 comments. I always talk about the 50 comments that were mean spirited, but rarely talk about the wonderful comments. The other 9950 from people who were inspired. Where my posts made them cry. I have gotten so many “This is you best post yet” or “I do not agree with you most of the time, but you are right” comments.

In three years, do you want to know my favorite comment. The one that shocked me the most.

It was a couple of years back. Someone wrote….

” Hey, I was on the internet. There is a guy named Joe who wrote a NY Times bestseller. He has the same last name as you. Are you related to him?”

Luck brought people to my blog……

After three years, I am happy to say that talent kept most around.

Thank you.


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