Today I woke up a little irritated. Not really sure the reason, but was not in the best mood.

I went to the gym, and the guy scanned my membership card three times to make it go through. I have gone to this gym for over three years. They guy who was behind the counter has worked there for three years. Why did he need to scan my card so many times. Am I trying to pull a fast one on him?

Then I got on one of my favorite cardio machines, the ArcTrainer. The best part was for one hour, I got to have two women on both sides of me have a conversation with each other through me. They were talking about men and shopping and kids. As loud as I had my music, they still were chatting away. At one point, I asked if one of the ladies would like to switch machines. When I work out, I do not like to switch machines, but this was out of control. One of the ladies said “No,we are fine.” Well then, I am glad they were fine. I finished my hour and moved on.

I went to go work out my chest with some bench pressing. I have been stuck at a certain weight and wanted to break out of the plateau (I am not going to bore you with the bench press numbers). When I went to lift, the guy next to me decided to grunt like crazy, which threw me off. He was grunting for five minutes while lifting. When he was not grunting, he was saying to himself “Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah.” I wanted to ask if he was having a baby, won the lottery, or had sex. Either way, it was annoying!

Then when I wanted to go down the stairs, a woman was doing some exercise where she was walking backwards up the stairs, and no one could go up or down the stairs. Working out is getting out of control lately with all of the new and improved workouts. I could not get down the stairs!!!! This would not have angered me if the gym did not have like 5 zillion StairMaster machines. Finally I bumped her going down the stairs and said “Sorry”. She looked at me like I was a jerk.

After my workout, I went to the showers. For someone who has NEVER liked to even go to the bathroom in a public place, I have come a long way. While I was trying to get to my locker, a old sweaty naked guy was talking to someone else in front of my locker. He would not move. He was talking away while I stood there. Finally I said “Excuse me.” and he moved, saying “Oh, why didn’t you just tell me to move.” I guess next time when I am standing there, realize that I am not admiring your 8o year old body but would like to get out of my sweaty clothes.

To top it all off, when I left the gym, the guy who was directly in front of me did not hold the door. It is small, but I do it for everyone, even people who are like 200 feet away. When he did not hold it open, I thought to myself “Seriously???”

Except I did not think it. I said it quite loud. The guy gave me a mean look, like I was being a baby. Maybe I was, but how hard is it to hold a door open!

Three years ago it did not matter what side of the bed I woke up on, it was the wrong side. It was hard to get out. My wife would ask me to do simple tasks that took forever. I do not know if I was going to die, but I felt like I was.

No matter how successful you are, you will struggle. It is different for everyone. Some people beat themselves up for three hours for 12 minutes of eating. Some people beat themselves up for not going to the gym. Some people think they can only have one bite, but get fooled every time.

The one piece of advice I can give is do not quit. Whatever your goal is, do not quit. When you are at a plateau, remember the times when it was worse. When you are confused what the scale says, look at the decisions you made. When someone makes a snide remark to you, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You are not alone. Everyone struggles. All of the great paper tigers can tell you they do not. They can have beautiful pictures of themselves, but it is part of this journey. It is one of the most important parts in my eyes.

When I came home today, I was fine. In fact, my wife had no idea that I was annoyed this morning.

Three years ago I came into the game. I have made shots, I got a couple elbows to the face, and I have had my fair share of cheers and boos.

And I will be damned if I am going to get benched.

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