Comments: Hi Tony,

I have a boyfriend – he’s great – probably the best guy I have ever dated. The relationship is still in the budding phase, but there is much potential something and well, I think he is awesome.
Now, I tell you that first, because it’s important that you know that the way I feel about him is not going to change easily – that I like what we are and where we are going – and want very little to stand in the way of what our future could be.
However, as a side, he’s overweight. Obese, actually. He’s “sexy” in his own way, but I worry about his health. I think he feels overwhelmed by the situation and I believe he might be slightly uneducated about what to do about it (although he is very smart in general). So I guess what you will tell me is I can’t do anything for him, he has to do for himself (and of course, I know this is true)… but if I could help him – I would. So, do you have any advice or suggestions of what might be encouraging to him, (and not condemning)?

I am not going to lie to you, I was amazed with this email when I got it a while ago. Actually, beyond amazed. It is a question that I have never answered, yet the reader twisted it in a way that she knew I would have to say something. That I could not ignore the question.

It also shows that I have evolved a little because a year ago I would have just ignored it. I would have said there is nothing you can do but watch. But maybe there is something that she can do??

I am going to give my opinion later this week, but I want to hear from you.

Is there anything she can do?


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