I asked a question a year ago. The question was “Can you like a blogger but not his/her blog? Can you like a blog but not like a blogger?” Not many people answered back. One person said that the question made no sense. I remember one other person told me that you have to like both, and one other person asking me how to get rid of loose skin.

When I asked the question I really did not want an answer. I just thought about it and wondered where I stood……

I remember once I got a long email from someone who was inspired by my weight loss, along with others. She was telling me about different bloggers and I have not heard of them, but one name sounded neat. So I asked her “Who is Bitch Cakes?” She was quite offended that I had not heard of her. In fact, in her next email, she apologized for ever writing to me because “I was not a part of the community!”

I remember once a blogger begging me to read her blog because she needed advice. After numerous attempts, I finally read the blog. The post was titled “I am sick”. I felt bad that I did not read it before. When I got to the post titled “I am sick”, the rest started like this “I am sick of eating mangos….” I did not read anymore. I was irritated. When people ask me to read something, when they write “Do it, Do it, Do it now!” or if they say “If you only read one post….” I never do.

I remember one of the first blogs I read. He does not blog anymore, but his blog was great. Short, sweet, and always a laugh. I remember writing to him, and always getting nasty responses. He was not the nicest person, but what a great blog!

I remember people telling me how annoying I am for asking for followers. I got upset until I saw they were doing the same thing. Maybe they were not like me? Maybe they were having “contests” where all you had to do is link their blog in 500 places for a chance to win a Chobani handbag. Maybe they had badges plastered on their blog? Maybe they did not “care”, yet would always thank people when they hit a certain quota of followers.

I remember once getting comments about my grammar. I remember going to their blog and seeing perfect grammar. I remember thinking it was such a waste since I was bored to death.

I remember people telling me that I wrote about the same topics all the time. One specific person would post anonymously every so often. So I went to her blog and realized she did the same. She wrote  about how she hated this and hated that.

I remember a woman getting so mad at me that I did not link her blog. She would always wonder why I would link certain people and not her.

I remember getting a direct message on Twitter that I was not supposed to get. It was supposed to be for someone else. It was about how they wished I would not be on Twitter anymore because I was annoying. Once they realized the message was to the wrong person, they wrote another message with a “;)” in it. Hmmmm…..

I have not updated my Google reader in over a year. I do not read many blogs anymore, I follow people on social networks. I do not realize people leave blogging unless they make an announcement, and I do not know who is considered “popular” or “inspiring” these days.

I think I have a good story. And I think that very few people have heard it. I promote it so more people will.

I am glad I met people over the last three years, but that is not the reason why I blog. I blog because I will never forget weighing over 400 pounds.

So, my question from earlier.

Can you like a blogger and not like a blog? Can you like a blog and not like a blogger?


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