I just realized that over the last few months, I have said I was going to write about something, but never did.

I also have reached out to some companies about products I enjoy, and yet have not talked about them.

Well, Spring is here! So it is time to clean up, and start fresh!

Spring Cleaning.

1. My new favorite workout infomercial is the Ab Doer Twist. I watch it every morning I work out.  They go around the world to find people who use and love the machine. My favorite part is when the interview Harwood Gordan from England. Some distinguished fellow who is using the machine in the heart of England. This has overtaken my all time favorite infomercial Hip Hop Abs. I am sure Shaun T will make a new delightful workout video soon.

2. I was going to do a post about Charlie Sheen and his “winning” rants. I remember the first time I walked on a treadmill for ten minutes, and I felt like I had “Tiger blood and Adonis DNA”. The more Charlie Sheen went on though, the more it made me a little sad. Then it just did not become that funny to me anymore. So I decided to stay away.

3. For some reason, I have gotten a couple of emails about what my son eats. He is almost two. Well, he eats what most normal kids eat. He has fruits and vegetables, but he also has little snacks. One of his favorite snacks is made by a company called “Revolution Foods”. It is “Organic Grammy Sammy” and we get them at Babies R Us. Revolution Foods does a lot for schools, and all of their products do not have trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. I think people have the perception that I would only feed my son apples and cauliflower, but I think it is important to let him have a variety of smaller portion foods.

A while back, I emailed them to say how much my son loves their stuff, and they were kind enough to send us a couple of boxes. My son has one of these every so often, and he loves them!

4. With that being said, I also get emails about what I eat and what my wife eats. One of my favorite foods is GG Bran Crispbread. This has helped me throughout my weight loss. It is a very high fiber low calorie cracker. Now, my wife is not a fan, but I enjoy them. I will admit, they can be a touch bland if you eat them plain, but they are great with salsa or hummus. They also have a lot of fiber!!! I am a fiber fan.

My wife loves Gardein Chick’ n Scallopini. I will admit that it can be a bit pricey, but it is worth it. It is a very high protein “meat free” product that tastes great. She bakes  a couple once in a while and has it over rice.

5. I am a Polar Ambassador. There are a few others out there as well. I enjoy using a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) during my workouts. I think that any will do, it does not have to be Polar. Garmin and Timex both make a great HRM as well. Polar has been really good to me though. Their product has lasted through some tough workouts and they have always helped me when I had a question. If you are interested in one, I think I can get a discount. Either way, I suggest getting a HRM for working out.

See, I lost track of time and had a great workout!

6. I am still posting at Anytime Health. I think I have one coming up soon. I enjoy it there, they do a real good job with promoting each post to their members. I love to write, but it can get frustrating when I write a “guest post” and then I am the one who has to promote it. If I do that, I should just put it on my blog.

That is it for now. I have a lot going on in the future for myself and the blog. There are times when I wonder why I blog, and then 99% of the time, I know exactly why.

Do you have any questions for me? Hit me up on email or Facebook.

I think you will enjoy what I have for the rest of 2011.


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