Hi all! So you are new to blogging.

Maybe new to weight loss. Well, I thought I would maybe give a few pointers, you know, some helpful tips to get you through this madness :)!

1. I think the first thing is DO NOT BE WEAK AND CLOSE YOUR COMMENTS!!!……

Um….I did not type that!

I am sorry, let me try this again.


Okay, who is typing that?


Why are you shouting?

Sorry, I had the Caps Lock button on. It is me, Tony. The guy you look at every day in the mirror. The guy that was 420 pounds three years back, and the guy that works out with you now. I am you!


Listen, we need to talk. You need to get some courage and turn on those comments. Your blog needs it. You need it.


I know you are not happy with your blog lately. All the fluff and ridiculousness! You need those tough insulting anonymous comments again. You know, those comments that anger you, yet maybe call you out a little. The ones that call you narcissistic and the ones that tell you they do not understand posts.

Like I said, I think it is easier to have comments on Facebook…..

Come on! That is so weak! We all know that on Facebook you get nice comments because they are all your hand picked followers. If someone is mean, you can make them disappear with one click.  Like those people who moderate their comments. Oh yeah, they are trying to eliminate Spam. What a crock! What happened to you?

What do you mean what happened to me?

We have done the blogging thing for three years. The reason why you got better at it is because of the tough feedback. Even the ones that are out of line. Remember the one who told you that you were obnoxious for asking for followers, and then you went to her blog and saw vanity pictures and she was doing the same. Contests for linking her to social networks?

Yeah, so what?

That bothered you, didn’t it. People say things that get under your skin. Like¬† the people who did not get what you said, the people who told you that you were conceited, the people who made fun of your topics, the social media guru who told you to hug it out…..

Okay, I get it. I got some rough comments.

That made you the blogger you are today. You did not ignore them. You did not erase them. You took it. The anonymous ones were the comments that molded you. Because you are realistic. Because you are tougher on yourself than anyone else can be. You know that if one person writes something, a lot of people think the same, including yourself. Then you have to have the courage to look at yourself. Those “rude” comments made you love blogging. You got weak and did not want to listen anymore??????

You are right.

I am going to be real with you. You are not going to be a “30 comments a post” blogger. You are not going to be a PR dream. You are not going to feel comfortable at a conference, you are not going to be Mizfit, you….

I get it.

No, you do not. You were not ever meant to be that. You were meant to get healthy. Blogging was an afterthought. In fact, if you quit today, you probably did 300% more than you ever thought you could online. You learned to love blogging, which is not like you. You are getting stronger every day. But you need the harsh criticism. Even if it does not make sense at first. Even if it is anonymous. Because you will not grow if everyone cheers you on. You need to hear a boo. And the only way you will get it is thought comments on here. When people sneak it in.

So what now? So I open up the stupid comments to get “I knew it was going to be a matter of time” or how I just want comments for attention or how all I care about if a Facebook like?



Because you can take it. Because you need your passion back. This blog is about you, for you. It is about us. I know you wanted to take a break. I know you thought of different options. You are afraid to talk about certain topics lately. You do not want to offend.

Yeah, you are right.

You talk about paper tigers.There are so many of them right now. We are not that.

So what now?

Well, not sure. But I will tell you, we really need to get out of our comfort zone. Sometimes doing something we do not like will make us stronger. McDonald’s is easy. Cooking broccoli is a little harder. Waking up to work out is hard. Yet, if we want something, we need to be uncomfortable for a little bit. It will only make us stronger. Stop making this into a popularity contest!

You are right. You know me well. You are smart.

We still have a long way to go. But I will be there supporting you all the way.






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