Today I got an email from a woman named Diana. She has just launched a website called where people can anonymously talk about their bodies and read about others. It is completely anonymous and a pretty cool idea.

I had no idea how or why the email was sent to me. In fact, most of the time I ignore these types of emails. Every time I read one, I wonder how many others received the exact same email with the name changed. But after emailing her a couple of times, I realized she was very sincere in her venture.

79% of my Facebook followers are women. In fact, most people who read my blog are women. Sometimes my posts are out there, but I guess I would like to talk about body image a little.

I am not the best when it comes to posts about body image.

I do have a story though.

The other day I was at the gym. I always start off with the ArcTrainer machine and then move on other things. I usually go at the same time, and there is the same woman who is always next to me.

Six months ago, she wore baggy clothes. She would go slow on the machine for about twenty minutes. I never said a word to her. We just worked out next to each other.

Well, the other day, I looked at her. She was wearing pretty tight Nike running gear and Under Armour shoes. She was tan, and she transformed her body. She looked like a fitness model. She was going hard on the machine.

We have been working out next to each other for six months now. I hate talking to people. A sweaty guy in a hoodie at the gym is not the ideal BFF but I wanted to say something about how different she looks. Maybe no one has?

So I did.

I held my hand up and said “Listen, I am married, so I am not hitting on you*…… but you really look great. I have worked out next to you for a few months. You really have dedicated yourself. Great Job!”

* That is my starter with most ladies now. I am no creep!

She looked at me and said “I still have a lot of work to do.” and kept on working out. She was not rude. She was not mean. She smiled. She just meant business.

She said the exact same thing I would have.

I thought about it today when I read some of the “Body Confessions”.

Some were good, and some were a little hard to read.

I do not know where you are in this journey. Maybe you are gaining, maybe you have lost a little. Maybe you have lost a lot. Maybe you have a new skirt that you look great in. Maybe you have a shirt that everyone thinks you look dynamite in that you think you look “fat” in.

Maybe you hate wearing a size 12 or maybe you are thrilled you fit in a size 22. Maybe you got a nice compliment from your co-worker or maybe you got tough love from your significant other.

Well, today I just want to tell you that it is okay to be hard on yourself. It is okay to push yourself, and it is okay to strive for greatness.

I will say, you should also find the positives more often. Something that I have not done for so long. Something that a 420 pound man could not see in a mirror.

I am hard on myself. I want to get better. I have a hard time with compliments……..

But I smelled a rose for the first time this year. My wife got me some rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

And I regret not stopping and smelling them more often.

And seeing the beauty in the mirror I should have years ago

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