Once upon a time, I lost weight once because I was tired of people calling me fat.

Once I lost the weight, no one called me fat.

They called me short.

So I decided to start hanging out with people who were the same height as I was.

No one called me short.

They called me bald.

Everyone had hair when I had none.

So I bought a wig. No one called me bald.

Instead, they made fun of my clothes. I bought all of my clothing from Wal-Mart.

So I went to the mall and spent a lot of money on the newest fashions.

No one made fun of my clothes.

Instead, they made fun of the way I talk. I say y’all a lot.

So I took some speech classes and no one made fun of the way I spoke again.

Instead, they made fun of my beard. It was red when everyone else had a black or blonde beard.

So I came home to shave it off, but instead looked at myself in the mirror. I saw someone who put a lot of effort into life. Who lost weight, worked hard at being a parent, husband and employee. Not someone that is perfect by any means, but someone who is impressed with how far he has come.

I realized I did not lose weight to stop the jokes. Jokes will come regardless. I lost weight to stay alive.

I did not shave the beard, I kept the car, I returned the fancy clothes, I threw away the wig and….well, did keep off the weight.

They tell me that the jokes still came. There were people thinner than me. People were taller and had more hair.

But for some reason, I did not hear them. All I heard was that I was getting better.

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