I am not an everyday blogger. I tried it, and I do not enjoy it.

I do not enjoy writing about food and what I eat. I worked with food all of my life, it is not that exciting to me.I do not enjoy talking about my day to day life on my blog.

I also realize I spend a lot of posts apologizing or explaining a post. Actually, a lot of bloggers do. I have no idea why. I have no idea why I feel like I have to justify myself. The hardest part about this whole journey was not the weight loss. It was the realization that there will be people who will not like me. ANd the harder I try to make them like me, the more untrue to myself I become.

I get annoyed with weight loss success successes at times as well. More lately than ever before.

Not for their weight loss which is amazing, but the advice they give after they lose the weight. I have no idea why people feel the need to become weight loss geniuses when they lose weight. If they are, why do they give advice that I have read in books for most of my life. Rules that I know they do not follow 100% of the time.

Most people understand the concept of eating less. They have heard drink more water until they are blue in the face. Write everything down. Is it feasible? Who lost 200 pounds by drinking more water? What is considered a “small” meal?

What about some real life, off the wall, different perspective advice. It is the same thing, but things I do practice.

Well, here goes nothing!

Real life advice from someone who lost weight

1. You will not be perfect– You will forget to work out. You will eat more than you should. Your handful of Skittles will be gigantic. You will “forget” to write some things down. It will happen. That is not the key of losing weight. The key is being as consistent as possible. Not to make the same mistakes for weeks at a time. The better your decisions get, the better you will feel. You can not beat yourself up about a mistake here and there, because then you will hate the lifestyle you chose. Just remember, try to be excellent. Make better decisions than you have in the past. In time, the weight will come off.

2. Pants that fit and pants that FIT are two different things– I remember when I wanted to fit into size 38 pants. It was 22 inches from where I started. My size 40 pants felt really good on me at the time. Not to big, yet not too small. But I really wanted to fit into size 38 waist pants.
So I bought a pair, and with all my might I fit into them. I looked horrible in them. I was not ready, yet it felt great to be able to fit into 38 size pants.
It is a great ego booster to fit into smaller clothes, but pick clothes you look good it.

3. The office does not care that much- I always hear about offices with doughnuts and how hard it is to resist. Do not be the person that brings fresh fruit instead of doughnuts to the office. Remember, this is your lifestyle. Most people can stop at one doughnut, I can not. It is more important that I say no rather than deprive everyone of their one Krispy Kreme moment.

4. Pam is not calorie free– I used to think that Pam was this magical spray that made everything taste wonderful with no calories. Well, for the most part, Pam is soybean oil. A serving is .33 of a second. If you are holding down the button for 20 seconds, it is not calorie free. Sometimes, it is better to just cook with a tsp of extra virgin olive oil.

5. Diet drinks- A weird fact about me. I have dieted since 1990. I have lost over 100 pounds before, and gained over 200 pounds as well, before losing over 200 pounds.
Yet, I have not had a regular soda since 1988. I do believe that there is something with weight gain and over drinking diet sodas.
If you are drinking diet sodas, limit yourself. Also, try to drink them while eating. Just something that worked for me, although I have not had a soda in quite some time.

6. Fiber– Everything has fiber added to it now, but nothing beats natural fiber. It makes you more full and keeps you regular. I recommend eating more fruits, vegetables and beans.

7. Brag, but do not boast– I think it is good to be proud of your accomplishments, but do not be annoying. People love to see that you are more healthy, but there is a way of going overboard and hurting those who are not at the same place you are. Never forget where you were. Do not be ashamed, yet, know how hard it is to be where you are.

8. Take a great picture– Everyone has a great picture in them. Take it, and then take another great picture. I think sometimes I beat myself up when I felt like I was not at a place where I should have been. I would look at a picture I took a couple of days back, and realize I am on the right path.

9. Find great things about you– It is easy to look at your flaws. Truly find two or three things you love about your body.

10. Most diets work– There is no perfect diet. There is no best way. You find a diet that is “stupid” and I can probably Google it and find five success stories from the plan. That is not the point. Find something that will work for your life. And go with it.

11.- People are always smarter than you– I do not like talking about dieting. You know why? Because people love to say “Well, actually…” or “This works better….”or ” When I lost weight…..”. People are always smarter than you in weight loss.

Just some ideas. I have some more coming later this month.

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