Do I think you can do it? You know, lose weight, get healthy, change your life….that sort of “it”.

Well, no. No, I do not think you can.

Because no one thought I could.

When I walked into Weight Watchers at 420 pounds, Barbara did not think I could do it. I love her to this day. I am sure she saw people come and go all the time. I looked like I did not want to be there. I looked like a guy who was forced to go by his doctor. Well, there is some truth to that. I am sure she thought I would give it a little effort, go to a couple of meetings, and then quit……..

When I lost 50 pounds, my boss at the time did not think I could do it. I told him I was losing weight, and he gave me that “Um…really?” look. He saw how I have eaten in the past. In some ways, he thought that I was not fooling anyone. For fun, he would try to tempt me with different foods. I resisted each one. I am sure he thought that I would go back to my old ways and live the life I always have……

When I received my 100 pound certificate from Weight Watchers, Joann the lifetime member at my meeting did not think I could do it. I mean, she was super nice to me. She told me how proud I should be, but then she said something weird. She told me ” You are probably going to have to change up the way you eat.” I looked around the room, and at 320 pounds I was still the heaviest person in the room. I changed my eating drastically. Yet, she has seen many people like me before. “Hot Shot” weight loss guys who gain back all the weight. I was that guy to her……

When I lost 150 pounds, I was talking to one of the trainers at my gym. He was always so nice to me when I was over 300 pounds. I was a trainer’s dream. You know, he helps me lose 200 pounds and then so many people want to train with him. He was not so nice to me when I did it myself. Most people are not. I told him that I wanted to lose weight, then gain, and then trim up. I did not tell anyone about this yet, not even my wife. He patted me on the stomach and said “You have a long way to go kid”…….

When I lost 200 pounds, I submitted my story to Men’s Health. They told me I needed to wait a year because most people who lose that much weight will gain it all back……

When I started to gain during my whole “muscle” phase, I got emails from people who were confused. I thought I was too skinny at 198 pounds when most people start their journey at that weight. I gained close to 50 pounds in two years, and most people thought I stopped working out, eating right….not caring. I have spend so much time defending myself, my workouts, my eating, and my crazy goal of a “non-athlete” that I have to step back and realize that most people think I will fail. That I will do what I have always done……

Honestly, I do not care if you think I can do it. I mean, should I care?

Most people smile at me and then wonder. They have seen people lose and gain before.

So does it really matter if I think you can do it? I am a guy on the computer.I do not know you, I have just lost weight.

Do YOU think you can do it? You know, lose weight, get healthy, change your life….that sort of “it”.

Well, that is a totally different question.


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