I do not talk about body image. I do not think it is my place. When I was 420 pounds, I did not think I was ugly.

I thought I was going to die.

After losing over 200 pounds, I still felt the same, except lighter. I was able to do the things I always have. With gaining muscle, it is the same.

Yet, I do have to ask one question.

When was Kim Kardashian fat?

I went to the store the other day and saw that she was on a bottle of diet pills. I get it, she is all the rage. She has a reality show. She dresses nice, pretty, and has made me very sad to see Bruce Jenner on TV.

And she made a sex tape. Yes, I said sex tape and not porno. My wife cleared that up for me….

“Hey, didn’t Kim Kardashian make a porno.”
“No, she made a sex tape.”
“What is the difference?”
“Why do you even care?

So, she is on a bottle of diet pills. There was a huge display for them. She was in a nice dress on them. But why is she selling diet pills?

Because I do not remember her being fat.

I hate diet pill commercials. Every single one of them. They are all the same. They have guys and girls running on the beach, they show these pathetic before pictures, and then these fantastic after pictures. They rationalize the pill and show how it works and that it is all natural. Then, the doctor that no one ever goes to endorses it. I wouls love to go to that doctor….

“Well Tony, you are about 50 pounds overweight. I would tell you to eat better, but instead, I think you should take Hydroxycut. Take it from me, Dr. Pill.”

Diet products needsĀ  celebrity endorsers. Jenny Craig does well with Valerie Bertinelli. Weight Watchers seems to be doing just fine with Jennifer Hudson. Anna Nicole Smith did Trims….well, that might not be the best example.

What they never mention though is they use personal trainers. They have dietitians. To lose the weight, they do not just sit in a room and pop pills. Yet, I guarantee there is a 16 year old girl out there who thinks that is the way, and will take pills just to be dissapointed. Just like so many of us long term dieters have done in the past.

This is not about the ethical practice of pills. They have been around since before I was born. I remember seeing Dexatrim at the store as a kid. They will be around longer than I am around. People will take them, and if they did not, no one would make them anymore.

It was just weird to see Kim Kardashian on a bottle of pills.

More like a shame.

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