Today I wrote a post on Priorfatgirl’s blog. Although I love the post, I do not understand guest posting.

As a friend told me once, I am really bad at guest posting.

I think the point of guest posting is to get your name out there, while I like writing about the author of the blog I am appearing on. Ehhh, maybe that is why I have only done a couple of them. Check it out though, it was a personal piece about the chance of being on the Dr. Oz show. Also, just in case you wanted to see, this is Merrill who was featured on the show!

Today I was looking though the internet when I found this. I remember it last year. It was a article from MSNBC about realistic goals of losing weight. It poses the question will your life change dramatically after losing weight.  I love the post. It features two people who I admire in the weight loss world.

I have done this now for three years. I have the same job. My wife is the same. We live in the same house. When I was featured in CNN and AOL, I was popular for a day, and then it died down.I have not made any money blogging, although I have gotten some sweet coupons.

I do not think I will be world famous for my weight loss. I once thought I would be. We all think that way.

Instead, I gained confidence that I needed.

A couple of weeks ago, I came up with an idea. An idea for a book. A pretty creative one. I have not told anyone about it, not even my wife. It is going to take time, editing, pitches after pitches, but I really believe in this idea. I just have to put it down on paper. I have to figure out how to actually sell the idea. I do not put any creative ideas on the web anymore. So, we shall see.

Three years ago, I would never have dreamed I would even attempt this.

There is a lot of truth in the article from MSNBC. I think it is unrealistic to think your life will change after losing weight.

Good thing I am unrealistic.

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