I am a dreamer. With that being said, I am also a realist.

My blog is not for everyone. I am not for everyone. I would say that 5 out of 10 people who read my blog will never read it again.

I can be annoying at times. Some of my posts are very self indulgent. Although I try not to be opinionated, a good amount of my posts are slanted one way.

I beg for fans on Facebook. Although I try to only put up one or two things a day there, I can see how it is not what you need in your morning news feed. I can see how you could care less what my favorite fruit is. I am not offended if you decide not to “like” but the option is there. I do not care if you take me off anymore.

Sometimes, I tweet crazy things. Thoughts that have no rhyme or reason. I am on Tweetdeck a few times a week so I can talk. I can see how you would find me annoying. I get it.

If I really thought about it, I would say that 5% of people who have read my blog, seen me on social networks, etc. are super inspired. They love everything I post, and really relate to me.

20% have seen a post they liked, and go in and out of reading me, depending on what I put up.

20% liked me at one time, but saw a post they did not agree with, and stopped reading me.

5% truly hate everything I write.

50% could care less.

With all of that being said, this post is a little weird. I have come to terms with people unfollowing me. It happens all the time. I am okay with being off of a Google reader because I wrote a post called “Lick My Kettleballs”. I am okay with someone who has loved me for months all of the sudden thinking I am an a**. I was not at first, but when it happens time and time again, you get used to it.

Yet, in the weight loss blogging world, I am kind of popular. I have put in my dues. I have done this for close to three years. I have made mistakes. I have written posts that I had to write follow ups to. I have said comments I should have kept to myself. I have done challenges that fail and I have opened and closed comments like an unsure person. With all of that being said, I also know when I write a great post, people forget my faults. They forget my grammar. They forget that I wrote about the same topic ten months ago.

I have written a few of them, and that is why I am a little popular.

In a weird way, I also know that no health/weight loss/fitness blogger is truly a celebrity. I think that some want to be. I think that some try hard to be. Yet, this is a place where you have to be active. You can not just ignore the people you begged to read about your life. I did not know that for a long time.

I think that in this world, we are all a part of a community, and some are better at things than others.

With ALL that being said, I also know how hard it can be for someone to be unfollowed.

Maybe it is on Google. Maybe it is on Facebook. Maybe even Twitter.

When you get unfollowed, you question yourself…..

“Did I offend you?”
“Did I write too much?”
“Was it the post about WW? because I did not mean it.”
“I am sorry!”

It is a horrible feeling. Like you are the annoying one people make fun of.

I think that some “popular” people do not realize the effect it has on others. When they go from following 8000 people to 2000 people to get their Twitter rating up higher, or unfriend you on Facebook because “You are my computer friend, not my real life friend”, I do not thinkĀ  “popular” people see the impact. And it is true, “Why should I follow you if you do not do the same.”

I see it now. I was the one that unfollowed yet, asked for followers?

I follow people who are annoying. Who try to push products right and left. People who fill up my Facebook with Farmville things. People who tweet me to test iPads and ask me to mention them all the time.

Yet, I have made the decision not to unfollow people*. Because I have seen over the last month how it makes people feel.

Makes no sense to do it.

*I asked this on Twitter. What would make you unfollow me. I had a good amount of answers. It is true, if you are rude to me, then you do not need to be in my life.

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