I remember going out to eat with my wife and her family a few years back. I work in restaurants, so I have never been a fan of going out to eat. My wife, on the other had, loves to go out. So, I have to make the sacrifice once in a while.

We walked into the restaurant, and I was dressed as nicely as a 400 pound guy could be. My polo was not tucked in, giving the appearance of not being as large as I was. I tuck in my shirt all the time now, but for some reason, I felt 30 pounds lighter when my shirt was not tucked in.

My wife was thrilled that I went out. So was her family. It was rare.

When we went in, the hostess said the scariest three words a 400 pound guy could hear….

“Booth or Table?”

Three words that scared me.

I said table right away. No one else said anything. I knew they were a little disappointed. Everyone loves booths.

Booths are these ultra cushioned seats where the table is right in front of you. A table is not as comfortable, and the chairs are not made for your back.

Yet I know I could not fit in a booth. I knew for a long time….

A while back, my boss gave me a review. We went to a booth, and I could not fit into it. He tried to push the booth as far as he could towards him, yet I could not fit. So instead of moving to a table, he pulled me up a chair and stayed in the booth. During the review I said nothing. I was so humiliated about my size. I did not ask for more money like I was going to, I did not talk about a promotion that I deserved. I felt defeated, like I was lucky just to have a job.

I wonder where I would be if I was not 400 pounds? If I would have stood up for myself like I do now.

Booths always deceived me. I would look at one in my restaurant, and try to sit in it.

No luck!

I would pick another one.

No luck!

During my rehearsal dinner I sat in a chair. During our honeymoon I sat in a chair.

So it was a tough thing for me to say table right away when I went out with my family. I could not chance the humiliation of not fitting in a booth. I would not have fit.

My wife understood.

Then I started to lose weight. I lost a good amount, yet still scared to try to sit in a booth.

After losing 100 pounds, I decided to give it a try. No one was around in the restaurant I was the managing partner of, and I picked a booth.

I slid in. I fit in the booth!

For about 10 minutes I just went to different booths around the restaurant. I fit in all of them. I gained a little more confidence. That is a great part of this journey.

So a week later, my wife and I went to St. Petersberg, FL for a weekend vacation. I could not tell you the restaurant we went to, not could I tell you what I ate there.

But when we walked in, I told the host “Booth for two please.”

My wife was a little taken back. It has been so long since I asked for a booth. We went to sit down, and I fit in the booth. I was still 300 pounds, but I was getting my life back.

My wife looked at me and said “Wow, we are in a booth.”

I remember my reply….

“Booths don’t lie!”

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