I always say that you can do anything…..

I am not the one that should tell you that you can do it.

Neither is Jillian Michaels. As motivated and charismatic as she is, she is not the one. Neither is her partner Bob Harper.

Tony Horton is not the person either. He is a smooth talker who will have you believe in yourself. Tony Robbins is the same way.

They are not the ones.

What about Bill Phillips. Walking around an auditorium with a headset on, telling you that you can do it. He is not the one.

How about popular bloggers. Writing inspiration.

No, they are not the ones either.

Your husband? It helps when he believes in you, but he is not the one.

Your wife? It feels great when she believes in you, but she is not the one.

Who then?

You need to be the one that believes in yourself.

Until then, you will never achieve your goals.

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