So a couple of day ago, I saw this up on my friend Lisa’s (Workout Mommy) Facebook page. Women’s Health is having a little contest to be on their blogroll.

I do not read Women’s Health. If it is anything like Men’s Health, then it is about working out, sex tips, and “Eat This Not That” tips.I will say though, I get a lot out of Men’s Health.

When I first saw the contest, I really did not like it. I do not think being on a blogroll should be a contest.

But……after really thinking about it, I realized it was a pretty cool idea.Plus, there are so many blogs out there, there can not be a blogroll with 1,000,000 blogs on it.

I got a really nice letter yesterday from a blogger named Kendra about the contest. I read her blog from time to time, and I enjoy it. Her email was very courageous, and she asked me if I would nominate her. Self-promotion can be a hard thing to do.

Of course I will nominate Kendra! I have no problem with that.

Then I thought about it, it stinks to nominate yourself for these types of contests. Knowing you have a good blog, yet maybe not out there like so many. This is where I have come up with “The Anti-Jared Will Nominate You” campaign.

Very simple…… Go on my Facebook page and under the link for this post, put your name and blog address, and I will nominate you.

No questions asked, no strings attached.

Uhhh, you and your stupid Facebook! No!

Ok…….well, then if you do not have Facebook or do not want to “like” me, then go on Twitter and put your blog address and your name in front of @theantijared so I see it, or use #TAJnominatesWH on your tweet.

I hate social media though! Any other way?

You could email me. My email address is on the top of my blog. Just email me your blog address and your name, and I will nominate you.

I do not want to email you. Can you open your comments?

No, I will not open my comments. But, you can comment on Jack Sh*t’s blog, because he is on vacation. Just leave a comment on this post with your blog address and name, and I will nominate you.

What is Jack’s address?

Just do this. Go outside and yell your address. Real loud! I will nominate you.


Maybe, but I want to nominate as many as I can. I have already nominated 30 blogs. I would love to nominate 100 more.

I think it would be great to have people from our community on the blogroll.

Give me your name and address!

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