Molly is one of those people that makes the weight loss blogging community wonderful.

She does not ask for anything. She supports many bloggers. She never has a mean thing to say to anyone, and she truly is inspired by so many others.

So yesterday before work, I happened to catch a link to her blog called “Is it lame?” For some reason I clicked on it, and I am glad I did.

She felt a little defeated because of this post written last year. It was from a runner who felt that putting a “3.1” (3.1 miles is a 5K) was lame.

I read the article a few times. Now I can understand how some people do not like self promotion or bragging.

That is not what I got out of this.

The author basically said that he understood how someone could put a “26.2” decal (marathon) on their car, even a “13.1” decal (half marathon). But no one should be proud of being able to do a 5K. As he said “I mean seriously, Elementary School kids can run a 5K.  Pretty much anyone can run a 5K”.

The post was not something I agree with. As a weight loss blogger, how can you?

But, I read Molly’s blog.

Someone who supports my blog. Someone who lost weight, works hard everyday, and out of no where started to walk, then jog, then run. Someone who is incredibly proud of where she is now and has every right to be. Someone who will run a 10K soon, then a half marathon.

I saw her reaction, and her embarrassment. She has nothing to be embarrassed about. She should be proud.

I am not a fitness blogger although I work out hard. I have a Polar HRM although I have no desire to run. I have a passion for working out although I do not want to try out new workouts that you are doing.

Here is what I was though.

I was there in that gym three years ago. When the machines were small. When my shoes were not tied and I sweat before I went on the treadmill. I was there when I walked a .000002 K. I heard the laughter. I felt the pain.

I think that people should be proud of their accomplishments. We spend so much time talking about the negatives about ourselves, we never talk about the positives. We point at our stomach and our thighs. We hate our hair and wish certain clothes fit us better. This consumes 98% of us. There is nothing wrong with being proud 2% of the time.

And a 5K is a big deal. So many people try the “C25K” and quit. Walking, jogging, or running a 5K is a big deal. It is not something anyone can do. Not in our world. Not in any world.

I am not beating up the author of the “3.1 Decal Lame” post. In all fairness, his blog is called Seriousrunning.

I just think he has lost touch.

A lot of us have. We forget the first time we lost five pounds, or the feeling of working out for 10 minutes. We forget the moment we made a tough decision. Weight loss will do that. Muscles will make you lose focus.

I will not forget. If you read down in the comments on his post, he wrote…..

“Overall though I would compare the 5K sticker to putting a bumper sticker on your car that says “My child is a solid C student.” Even though Cs are a big accomplishment and difficult to earn for many students, no one puts that sticker on their car. Parents would rather help their child work harder to earn honor roll than sticking with the overall goal of Cs.”

I get it. We should push harder.

But you have no idea how hard it is to stay in school. Maybe you lost focus of that.

I did not.



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