I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. A day of hearts, babies in diapers, and more “Every Kiss Begins With Kay” commercials that I do not need to see.

I do blame being in restaurants for my view of V Day.

I have been in restaurants for over 15 years, and I have worked every Valentine’s Day. I have dealt with thousands of guests over the years where I might have ruined their “love” day….

“Are you sure you do not have my reservation?”
“This Coke just is not sweet enough.”
“No, I do not have my ID. Check my Facebook page, I am over 21.”
“Can I get the steak extra extra well done, but I do not want it burnt.”

Ah yes! The Hallmark holiday of the ages!

Most people think that Valentine’s Day excludes them.

They are single, they do not have a loved one. No one sent them flowers, and there is no six dollar box of Whitman’s Chocolates on the bed.

It does not exclude anyone. Not if you love yourself.

Growing up, I was that guy. I never got a card in school. I never went to a Valentine’s Day dance. I never bought the chocolates….well, I did but ate them before I could give them out. Ahhhh, chocolate covered cherries.

I also did not like myself. I was weak with food. I was slower than most. I was by myself.

Now, I love myself 365 days a year. It sounds selfish, but it is not. I am not saying that in a “I am the man” narcissistic way.

I am saying it in a way that I care if I die. I want to get healthy. I am not ugly when I look in the mirror, and I truly believe that.

Once I was able to care about myself, I could truly care about others.

When I ate and ate and ate, I was selfish. I did not care if I died. I did not care about everything around me. My confidence was low, but food intake was high.

Over the last few years, I started to care more and more about myself. Wanting to get a physical at the doctor’s office. Wanting to work out. Wanting to watch what I eat.

It is not easy (I will continue to say that). It is not impossible (I will continue to say that).

The more I care about myself, the more I care about my wife. My family. My job.I became a better person.

There was a time that I would say “I know I am going to fail, it is just a matter of time”.

I now say “I am going to succeed, it is just a matter of time.”

Today I woke up. My wife worked, and I went to go work out. The same thing I have done for a couple of years.

I got my wife some flowers and she got me a card. Nothing major.

Today is one day. I look forward to so many more.

It is a great feeling to love yourself 365 days a year.

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