Someone once asked me if it was more impressive to lose 200 pounds than 20 pounds.

It sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it? I mean, it is easy to go with the big numbers.

Most people are amazed by people who lose 100 pounds. Talk shows shows always wait till the end to talk about the woman who lost 200 pounds.

In fact, most people read my blog because of my impressive weight loss.

But I am going to say that any weight loss is impressive. It is not about how much weight you lose, but where you mind is at.

I truly believe that. I think there are some people who lost a lot of who do not get it. I think there are people who lost 15 pounds who are inspirational in weight loss.They get it. They caught it before it became an issue.

With all of that being said, I should have never weighed 420 pounds.

How did I let myself go? Why didn’t I listen to the cries of my wife? When my life was getting away from me, why did I keep telling myself tomorrow?

I think about it sometimes. It used to bother me a lot.

I got my life back in a year. It did not take me long to lose the weight. Funny thing is, I know as much about weight loss now as I did at 420 pounds. I think that success stories can be so condescending with their “weight loss secrets”, which are the same things we have heard for so many years. I think that “success stories” think that people do not know how to lose weight. Maybe they do not, but at 420 pounds, I read every book out there.

If you eat less and move more, you will lose weight. If you eat more natural fiber instead of processed foods, you will lose weight. If you drink more water and less soda, you will lose weight.

Weight loss was not that for me. Anyone can lose weight. I needed to find the inner strength. Instead of looking at my flaws in the mirror, I needed to look into my eyes. Ask myself how bad did I want to live?

It was telling myself that I had to do something now. It was saying no to eating like a pig because it was a special day. It was telling myself I could do it. It was ignoring the people laughing at the 400 pound man eating a salad.

It is not easy, but it is not hard. Not being able to walk properly was hard. Going to work with holes in my pants because I could not get another pair my size was hard. Sweating for no reason was hard.

I am not “normal”. If I was, then I would not blog about this every day.

Yet, I did not do anything about my weight for so long. Years ago, I gained 50 pounds after I realized I was not able to tie my shoes. I gained 100 pounds after I was to big for my size 50 waist pants.

I read some one my posts, and I see passion. Where was it before?

It does not matter, it is there now.

That is why I will always remember the past, but I am not going to live in it. This month marks my three year anniversary when I made the decision. The decision to lose weight.

Saying I lost 200 pounds is a great tool for followers or to have people listen to what I have to say.

More important than that, I finally get it.

Losing weight is great. I am happy. I also will never have my life taken away from me. Not if I can help it.

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