“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.”


So you probably have found my blog while Googling “Lose Weight” or “200 Pounds Lost” or some other weight loss term.

Well, my name is Tony. In 2008 I was 420 pounds.5 foot 6 and 420 pounds. 5xl shirts, size 60 pants.

I never played sports. I was not active. I was always overweight, but it did creep on me a little.

I was chunky, then thick, then obese, then 420 pounds. I would diet and lose weight. Keep it off for a while, and then lose weight again.

I have lost weight on a lot of different diets. They all work in the short term.

My wife never pressured me to lose weight. She never threatened me, nor did she ever make a comment. She was always there for me.

Maybe there is someone in your life like that? Maybe you do not realize the people who love you?

I hope you do, it is a great thing.

I was selfish.

Do not get me wrong, I would do anything for my wife. If she needed something, I would stop whatever I was doing to do it for her. I still will to this day.

No, I was selfish with the way I ate. I would eat privately in my car at 3am. Stuffing my face. I would consume over 10,000 calories a day. Every bite was killing me slowly. There was numbness in my arms all the time. Doing daily tasks were difficult. Sex was not thought of. Breathing was scary. I thought that I was only destroying myself. I was also destroying people who loved me.

At 420 pounds I was long gone.

When you are 20 pounds overweight, you have a chance. Even 50 pounds.

200 pounds though? That is a lot!

Weight loss is like gambling. I remembered how I lost weight in the past, but always forgot about the failed times.

The “tomorrow” episodes. The empty promises.

“Tomorrow will be different!”

Tomorrow turns into today very quickly. Yesterday before you know it.

There is a song out now called “Airplanes” where the singer wants an airplane to be just like a shooting star. So he could make a wish right now.

How many times could I pray before I needed to lose weight? How many times could I talk to God?

My doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery. People think about the surgery, it is another thing when it is suggested.

It scared me.

So in February of 2008 I decided to lose weight. For real this time. We all know about losing weight, but we all have that magic day. That day where it is not about an inspirational quote or advice, it is the day to do something phenomenal.

I joined Weight Watchers at first. It is different now, but still the same.

They gave me the structure I needed. I remember weighing myself as a youngster every single day. I could tell you my weight if I had on socks, no socks, haircut, etc.

With Weight Watchers, I only weighed myself once a week. I had no reason not to, I stayed consistent.

My eating changed. I went to less processed foods. My calories were less.My diet turned into a way of life.

I started to work out. Walking, then running, then lifting weights. Things I never dreamed of doing.

My life changed. Losing weight is not selfish. It is selfless.

People start to tell you how much it means to lose the weight. No one wants to see you die.

And I lost the weight. 221 pounds in a year. The one thing that people told me I could not do, I did. What was once impossible because reality.

I never thought I was ugly, and I have decent self-esteem about myself.

I gained the confidence that anything is possible.

And it is. For the last two years, I decided to eat a little more while working out hard. I would have never done that if I hated myself. I would just keep chasing the “skinny” dream. I am in a good place with my weight.

I gained muscle, and this year made the commitment to trim up. My guarantee is that by the Summer of 2011, I will look the best I ever have. At the age of 35. That is pretty bold since I have some good pictures on the right.

Where I am great at weight loss, I lack as a blogger.I have tried, but can take defeat.

I am a writer. An unpolished one, but a writer.

I do not have my comments on here. It is something I have dealt with my whole time as a blogger.It seems like I am the only one. I am okay with that.

The truth is, it is not 2008 anymore. Social media has dominated weight loss, and I have my hand in it as well.

I have two email addresses. If you are passionate about something I wrote, just email me.

I am on Twitter. If you need something from me, just @ me.

I have Facebook as well. Leave me a message.

The thing is, I know that you Googled weight loss. Well, I am not a guru. I do not know how many calories you need, or the best workout for you. I do not have the special cream for loose skin, and I do not know the best supplements to take.

I truly think that you can lose weight on any diet. I think walking in the gym is the best workout and I think that losing weight is not easy.

I also know that you have to make some sort of sacrifice to do it. I know that you have to take action. You have to be courageous. Be able to say no. Be the uncool person once in a while.

There are days that I get angry. Why do I eat the way I do? Why am I different? Why do I not get it?

It does not matter anymore.

I have a wife and son now.

I know that the airplane in the sky is not a shooting star.

I make my wishes come true.

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