Random topic post!

1. Comments– My comments are off on my blog, and if you have followed me for a while, you know that I am the only crazy person that does not like comments. I am not trying to start a revolution, and I am not popular enough to be different.  I just think that if people want to talk to me, they can do it on Twitter, I usually send an instant response. If people want to leave a comment, they can do it on Facebook. If people want to criticize, they can email me. I will admit, I have judged a post of mine by how many comments it gets. I will admit, I do not like snarky comments. I will admit, I think the people who have brought me up in comments are the same ones that bring me down in comments. Yet, with all that being said, I get far more great comments than negative ones. It makes me feel great when someone is inspired by a post. I love when someone gets the point I was trying to make.

I just like using the social networks more.

2. Emails- I have gotten a lot of nice emails lately. A couple crappy ones, but many more positive ones. I do want to say thank you. Believe it or not, I read them all, and respond to most. I am getting better at responding to emails although not 100%. Lyn and Diana, know your emails were appreciated, but I do not think I responded to yours :(. If you have a specific question for me, I will do my best to answer. I will be honest, I do not design workouts or eating plans, but I do know a thing or two about some things.

3. Weight Loss–  I had a cool idea about the video weigh ins, but then it fell through. I have decided to weigh myself the beginning of every month. Everything is going well. I have been tracking with a cool app on my iPhone (There are so many, but I use Mynetdiary.com because you can scan food and iFitness) and my workouts have been going well. More cardio that strength training this go around.

4.Cool stuff– I have also been blogging at Anytime Health, the website for Anytime Fitness. They have done an amazing job with my posts, promoting them, and getting me a new audience. I am going to do that every so often. There you can leave comments. I also put a little Polar icon on the side of my blog. If you ever think about getting a heart rate monitor, I suggest Polar.

5.Vacation- I have been on vacation this week from work, and it has been a great vacation. I have got to spend time with my wife and son, and really relax.

6. Fitbloggin- There is an event for bloggers called Fitbloggin. I was trying to go (it is in May) but I will not be able to go. I am adding this in because I get asked every now and then if I am going, but sadly, I will not. Let’s just say that I am socially awkward.

7. Socially Awkward- You might have just read that I am socially awkward. I actually do not like talking that much, but I am trying to get better. So the other day, I was at the grocery store, and there was a cute girl in front of me. In her cart, she had spinach, artichokes, ricotta cheese, and those Pillsbury crescent rolls. Trying to be nice I said “Cool, you are making calzones.” She looked at me and said “Um, I am seeing someone, thanks!” I told my wife, and she said I should have told her how many Twitter followers I had. What a peach!

8. Posts– I have really liked the last four posts I have done. I have told those stories before, but I am getting more confident in my writing. I see an improvement over the last three years, and where I know so much about weight loss, I get a little nervous when it comes to writing. Yet, I have enjoyed those posts.

9. Book- I thought of a real good idea over the weekend for a book. I never thought about it before, but if I keep working on my writing, I just might pursue it.

10. Quesadillas– I have been making quesadillas for my wife lately. If you ever want to make a healthy one, the George Foreman grill is the way to go. And if you really want to go mega healthy, use those Joseph Bakery lavash breads that Sean talks about.

That is all for now.

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