People ask me my opinion on weight loss…..

Weight loss to me is like the Black Eyed Peas.

When I work out, I listen to Slacker or Pandora. Once in a while, I listen to some music on YouTube (I love this one), but most of the time it is one of the Internet radio stations.

The other day, while listening to Slacker, I heard “The Time (Dirty Bit)” by the Black Eyed Peas. If you have not heard it, it starts of with the Dirty Dancing song “Time of My Life” and then out of no where comes the lyric “Dirty Bit” with techno beats. The song makes no sense.

I could not even listen to it the first time. It was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It was ridiculous. The lyrics were ridiculous.

The second time I heard it I tolerated it.

The third time I sang along.

Now, I sing the song all the time.

Today I would just yell out “Dirty Bit” randomly. Here are some things I called a “Dirty Bit”

A trash can
A tree
Cashier at Sam’s Club
Some old guy who flipped me off

Now I love the song. I look forward to hearing it.

That is the way every Black Eyed Peas song is to me. When I first hear it, I question how they are so popular. The lyrics are stupid and there is no point. I mean, Boom Boom Pow? Imma Be? Bebot?

But……every song is catchy once you hear it a few times. After a few times, I start to sing it a little, and then I finally buy the song off of iTunes.

Weight loss is the same way to me. When you first hear about it, you cringe. Most people do. It is pointless, it never works. Many have failed. In fact, you have not truly “weight lossed” unless you have failed a few times.

Companies try to ease you a little by saying you can eat what you want, work out in less time, etc. Funny thing is, eating what I wanted and working out less got me to 420 pounds.

Then, although you know it is necessary,you think weight lossĀ  is stupid. I was the 420 pound guy eating a salad. I was the 420 pound guy drinking the Diet Coke. Sometimes I wondered what was the point. It made no sense to even try.

After the first day, your pants are not any bigger and your waist is not smaller. Yet, there is a feeling that you have. Sometimes it feels good to say no to food that has been your crutch for so long. It feels good to resist a late night binge. It feels good to go to the gym when you could have made the excuse of “I worked so hard today, I can use this as a rest day”.

A few of these types of days results in a loss on the scale. Although I am not the biggest fan of the scale, it is a HUGE motivational booster at first. All that work and now you can visually see what it did!

See, I do not believe there is such a thing as a quick fix, although I do think it is possible to lose weight fast.

Most people want to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible without changing their everyday life. Who doesn’t?

I understand why.

Truth is, you either pay now, or you pay later. Lose the weight quick and then take your time keeping it off, or lose it slow, learn about yourself, and settle in a better maintenanceĀ  role.

Eventually, weight loss (Or life journey, marathon, live change, or whatever you call it. I am not going to play semantics about it) it becomes a habit. Whether it is the way you change what you eat, count calories, move more or limit certain items, it feels more comfortable. I would not say easier…..well, yeah, it does get a little easier.

That is my secret. My key. My one golden rule. I try to repeat successful days.

The days that I get frustrated, I remember the pain of being over 400 pounds. Yet, I remember the excitement when I was down to 390.

Making different choices every day. Focusing on moving a little more.

What so many books and articles are written about.

It would be easy if I could eat the way I wanted to. It is not that easy. It is worth the fight. It is worth the struggles and everything that is involved with it.

I am worth it.

So let me tell you, whether you are new at this or a long time veteran, this is worth the fight…..

Dirty Bit!

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