I think that popular bloggers lose touch with the community.

They say things that sound good on paper, and really are not true. They inspire with words that do not make sense.

Is that me? Did I become that person?

I always thought it is easy for someone who gets fifty comments a post to tell everyone it does not matter how many comments you get. It is easy for a popular blogger to tell you it does not matter how many Facebook fans you have when they have over 1500. When they tell you to click on a link when you know the only reason you are doing it is to help pay for their web hosting.

Well, if no one cared about comments or followers, then they would write in a diary kept under their bed. Why would they put it on the web? Maybe I am the only one that sees it, but honestly…..

Well, I have over 17,000 Twitter followers. That is a good amount. A lot actually.

Not sure if most of them are real people, but I get a lot of @* and DM’s because of it.

*On Twitter, when you put an @ in front of their name, they get it in a mention column. Kind of a cool way to talk to someone and get a reply

When I @ a product, I get a letter from their PR rep thanking me. It has given me fake respect by a lot of companies.People go bananas when I mention their name.

But I am no ordinary blogger. I am honest, and one who you might think cares a lot about being popular, but cares more about being truthful.

I am going to tell you the story of how and why I got 17,000 Twitter followers…….

Twitter was always second class to me. I love Facebook. Twitter is just a bunch of quick thoughts. It takes time to get used to.

Last year, I was on Twitter, and a “famous blogger” was talking about how her readers would like this and how her followers would like that. I do not like when people do that. But in my mind, she was popular, so I respected what she said.

I saw that she had 3,700 Twitter followers. I remember that I would @ her to get her attention. She never replied to me.

I would get creative, she would not reply to me. It irritated me. Not really sure why, but it did.

At the time, I had 750 followers on Twitter. Not bad at all.I was small potatoes in the Twitter world. I would make a joke here and there, nothing special.

Then one day, she finally gave me the @ I asked for…

@theantijared My followers really did not like your post.

This was the post I wrote. When she wrote that to me, it irritated me.

Really….YOUR readers. YOUR followers. You are not all that! Like a cult leader!

So like anything else in my life, I succeed when I put my mind to something. And Twitter was it!

I put my mind to figuring out Twitter.Not world peace, or the one simple rule of dieting, but Twitter.

Twitter is a lot of smoke and mirrors. You can friend people, un friend people, and work your way around it to get followers. Twitter also sets up a ton of rules on following. Yet, I knew I could figure it out.

Most people just link like crazy. I am original.

That is not why I have followers. I have followers because I know who to friend. I am real good at it.

Some popular people will have you believe that 8,000 people really love them. No…they do not. They tell you that so you will think they are more popular than they truly are.¬† Out of those 8,000 people, maybe 200 are real.

So you feel special when they ask you for things. When they @ you. I never knew that. No one will tell you that.

Anyway…… I got more followers, and then more. I got to 4,000 followers, and I wanted more. I got to 10,000, and then people were taken back a little. People who ignored me before were @ing me. I would talk to semi celebrities in the weight loss blogging world. I was considered a big player now.

I was even @ed by Jillian Michaels twice.

I have over 17,000 followers now. I have a list of about 200 people. Most of the “people” who follow me are robots.

You should not be impressed. Maybe my weight loss, but not my Twitter stats.

The blogger with 3,700 followers was impressed though. She would @ me all the time…

@theantijared HEY YOU!

@theantijared What is going on?

@theantijared Loved your post today!

I ignored those just like I do with her today. No need to respond.

I would not want HER followers to be upset.

Why am I telling you this? Why am I giving you the one secret no one else says. Why do I tell you it is okay to want comments, to ask for Facebook fans?

Because no one else will.

Everyone seems to want to live this persona on here. Guess what, everyone is one post away from being that popular blogger. Everyone is also one post away from being a joke.

Today I realized that Stonyfield  (Who has been great, THANK YOU!!!!!) would be the last company to sponsor a weigh in. I have been dealing with different companies, and it is amazing what companies are asking out of me. Just so you know, when I asked for sponsorship, I do not ask for money. Just the opportunity to mention their product. Maybe a giveaway.

Then, they would ask if I would write a “Top ten weight loss tips” post or put a link on my blog or a post about how I used their product early in my weight loss. Really, were they there?????

That is the problem with a lot of companies. They act like they have the upper hand. They know bloggers want more out of blogging. So they do not need to offer much. And they get so much from bloggers.

I once wrote a post for $3 worth of FAGE.

Honestly, I have a good job. I am okay with money. This is a hobby, and one I am good at.

Sometimes I get whisked away in the fantasy. But I am grounded now.

How can so many people sell their soul? For what? A exercise DVD? Is that me?

I am still going to video weigh in every week, but instead I am going to link other bloggers I find interesting. I like doing that. I love seeing a great post getting a lot of hits. There are a lot. I read a lot.

Remember, I have 17,000 followers on Twitter.

1700 on Facebook

1520 subscribers

I am popular……

or am I?

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