“Why are you taking a break from blogging?”

-Wife 1/29/2011

I am taking a few days off, but I do want to explain a little.

I think the quick post on Saturday was not very fair to people who read my blog. Plus, you really did not understand.

On Thursday I wrote a post about Twitter followers, and how my 17,000 followers was inflated.

Although I am creative in tweets , 17,000 is not a genuine fan base.

It was more robots following me, and I do not think anyone should be impressed. Yet, I wonder why I am the only person who ever wrote that????

I wrote it because the previous day, I got a message from someone who was angry that I never respond to their tweets. I never give them an “@” nor do I ever give them a quick shout out.

I was so irritated because in my mind, the only reason she wanted to talk to me is because of how many followers I had. If they wanted to really talk to me, I have email and Facebook. Then, she said she knew me. My wife knows me. My family knows me. People know my stories on here, that is about it.

Well, 17,000 followers is nothing to be impressed about. I explained it in detail on the post. I have other great victories in my life, social networking is not one of them.

After I posted, the comments came in…….

I hate comments. I always have.It can ruin a great post. So many people do not get the premise of a post.

I kept them on because I did not want this to be a lecture. Yet, I am missing the point. This is my point of view. This is my life. The blog is my name.

So I read the comments, which Vinny is absolutely right, I rarely do.

It is nice to see a post get 20 comments. 30 is great. 40 is phenomenal. But sometimes, I do not need for people to tell me to get out of the haunted house. I need to do it on my own.

Then I got one that did not get my post. I was patting myself on the back. Funny, patting myself on the back is saying most of my followers are robots.

Yet, she could not write me an email or send a private message. No…why would she. Why would she be respectful?

On her blog, she had 40 more followers since her comment.

Easy way to get more followers, right?

I did not go on her site and talk about her advertisements on the side of her blog. I did not critique her blog, but it is okay for her to post a crappy comment for all of the people who read my blog to see, right? Humiliate me, right?

Then someone else wrote a comment. Started it with “Hint”. Basically repeating what I said in my post, and then ended it with some comment about me wanting to be an Internet celebrity.

Well, what if I do? What if I do want more people to follow me? What if I do want to be more popular? Does it change what I write?

That guy who wrote the comment found me, right? He was inspired by me, right?

Is that a bad thing for people to see my weight loss? Then he tells me I am taking the comment the wrong way. Really? So crapping on my carpet after I invite you into my home is acceptable. Not in my book.

Plus, this has happened before. People leaving crappy comments, I call them out, and then a quick back track. At least stick to your guns.

People do not get it. If you want to spit venom, spit it. But I spit it back. I do not like to, but I have enough self respect not to take it lying down.

I have been overweight my whole life, remember. How easy it is to forget when you see a bald guy in a tank top on the side.

The worst was the next day. I got a message from a woman who I have never heard of, who was blasting me because I was insulting a blogger by the name of Katy. She was telling me that the story on Thursday’s post was about her, how I am an a** because Katy is awesome, and it was in reference to this post.

Now, this is funny to me and confusing at the same time.

Katy is the only blogger I have ever met. She weighed me in over two years ago at a WW meeting. She has helped me a lot in social media. I talk to her maybe once a month. She has been there for me, and I would consider her a friend. So to think that post was remotely about it is just plain silly!

But I did read her post. And…I will kind of call her out a little.

I do not think she was ever going to close her comments. Very few, if any will.

This has been an ongoing battle for me. It messes with my blogging. I read a comment, and then go in a frenzy. I loved Thursday’s post. But honestly, maybe my blog is kind of a lecture. There are doors in the back, you can leave at any time.

But Facebook. You have Facebook. Facebook, where you beg for fans ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing, if you are struggling, go on my page and write a wall post. Just say how discouraged you are. See if five, ten, even twenty people do not respond to you. See if you do not get helpful advice, even from some top bloggers, 200 pound losers, etc. My page has so many great people on it, it is not even about me anymore.

Honestly, I will not be mad or upset if you are not on my Facebook page. I will not lose any sleep. I will not be insulted. I have seen the number go up and down for a long time. I am okay with not being on your news feed.

I was kicked out of the WW forums because of things I wrote (Nothing naughty, just different points of views). I got warnings from other forums. That is my forum. Of course I will promote it.I dreamed of a day where I could have my own forum. Now I do.

Today I was reading some blogs. That is what I want to do this week, read and comment on some blogs. Stay away from writing posts for a little while.

I read Tyler’s post today. Tyler and I never see eye to eye on things. Yet, we have a mutual respect for each other.

Man, I loved this post. I did not agree with it at all, but I loved his passion. It made me think about how I used to write. How it was my way or the highway.

But I do not want to be that guy anymore.

The truth is, blogging has changed. It is not the same anymore.

Neither am I.

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