Someone asked me if there were any blog posts that I loved.

There are tons of weight loss bloggers that I read, but some posts really stand out.I love a post with passion. A little anger, and true caring.

I do not have one favorite post, I have two favorite posts. From two of my favorite weight loss bloggers.

It is this and this.

It is always easy to give advice what to do when someone else gives you a nasty anonymous comment. Ignore it, you are better than that, do not worry because you have so many people who love you, at least you get comments….

It is another thing when you are the target. When someone reads a post, sees it a different way than you did, and then goes to your soul in the comments. They use your words against you. They take shots at your family, because you put them out there on your blog.

I have gotten many anonymous comments. Some were very true. I do talk about the same things a lot. I do bring up how I was not able to wipe myself or put up a seat belt a lot. I still do to this day. In my mind, it is so important for me not to forget, to get comfortable.

It all means nothing when you have no idea who says it.

It is the price of being out there. Of being a squeaky wheel who needs oil. I never minded the comment, just hated that I did not know who it was….

Until I did. Until I realized I could look it up through my blog. Until I saw that the same people who wrote nasty things were people praising me earlier. The same people who wanted me to die were writing the same things on their “popular” blogs. I never told the people I knew who they were. But I did. Nothing in life is anonymous.

That is one thing about me. I have a good heart, but I also have no patience for people. I have no issues calling someone out, and ignoring that person. I tell people all the time “Do not confuse my kindness for weakness”.

With that being said, I want to go over some rules on my blog. Ready????

1. Soapbox– I will never get on here and preach to you. I am not better than you. I have read the same books as you. I know the difference in a “shoes off/shoes on” weigh in. I know the annoyance of writing down what you eat. I live this stuff every day!  Because I have lost weight does not mean I have new information to you. It seems like everything in the diet world is either revolutionary or new. Well, which is it? How can I help? By telling you that you are not alone. By telling you that it is okay to get knocked down, just watch out for the knockout. Because I workout does not mean I know the best workout for you. I can tell you what I do, but that might not work for you. Everyone is different. There is no perfect workout. For me, a perfect workout is going to the gym. Having the angel on my right shoulder punch the devil on my left shoulder to make me decide to head to the elliptical. Because my story has been in CNN does not make it any more special than yours. In fact, there are days where I realized my story should have never been special, because I should have decided to lose weight when I was 200 pounds. You do not have to comment on my blog.I turned them off a while ago. I will not again. This is not a lecture. I am not talking into a Shake Weight in front of the classroom. You will disagree with me. It is natural. I am just happy that you read. I am happy that I am not the only one that feels the way I do. I read your blogs as well. I see the Bodfather series, and I see the collarbone. I see every blog designed by this guy and I know about the red marks on the wall. I know someone who lost over 100 pounds and someone who begs me to use a Kettlebell. It is a small few of the ones I read. I read so many more. But I see struggles as well. I refresh three blogs every week to see if they updated. A sign, anything. How are they doing? Where did they go? But I need to stay for me. This blog is open for everyone because I needed something like this. Where were all the great male bloggers when I was around? Why was I the only a**hole wanting to be in Blogher? Why? And that is my blog. One post changes into something else. Like it used to. When I would walk into my WW meetings with confidence. When each post was epic. When an idea turned into much more. I can not quit blogging.

2….nah, I am done talking today.

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