My theme for 2011 is “I can do that!”.

I think sometimes I sell myself a little short. I whine about being include into certain “health” and “fit” groups, but in three years, I have made a name for myself. Now it is time to show everyone myself what I can do.

It is not just on my blog, it is in life as well

Do not get me wrong, I work hard, but I think that I can do better. Kind of like an imperfect perfectionist.

One of those things is promoting products I believe in. Because there are so many companies out there that use blogs for cheap and easy plugs, I think I forget about some of the great companies that have helped me on my journey.

Well, not anymore, and you will benefit from it!

I love POLAR. If you follow my blog, you know that I am passionate about certain things. I am not ashamed about it.

I love POLAR.
I love Anytime Fitness.
I love Eggland’s Best.
I love Stonyfield Farm.

There are many more that I love that I need to talk about more.

I do not talk about things on here that I do not love. I do not giveaway random things and promote items I do not believe in. I love exposure, but would it make sense for me to talk about Subway’s breakfast? Or POM? Or talking about a home workout when I love going to the gym?


Yet, I would like to talk more about things I love.

I bought my first POLAR heart rate monitor last year.

For a long time, I thought it was only for runners.

I am not a runner.
I am a “gym rat”.

Ha, gym rat!

But a heart rate monitor has helped my work outs tremendously. Especially when I do cardio. Sometimes when I think I am pushing myself, I really can push myself harder. That is when my HRM comes into play.There are certain heart rate zones I need to be in.

I have burned more calories during workouts because of it.

I recommend a HRM for any type of workout. Whether you go to a gym, work out at home, or just walk around.

It is interesting to see how many calories your body burns and ways to be more active.

POLAR makes a quality product at an affordable price. For a long time, I wanted a BodyBugg. They are very expensive, and have a monthly fee. My HRM does not have a monthly fee. Plus, I bought a Flowlink for $50 which logs my workouts on the computer.

Anyway, I am proud that I have been affiliated with POLAR.

And for the new year, I am giving away a POLAR FT40 Heart Rate Monitor!

That is right. One random winner will be chosen. One entry per person.

Leave a comment by Sunday January 9th, and you will be entered.

Now, you can leave any comment.

You can tell me why you want a HRM and share your life story in a 1000 word comment.
You can talk about why my blog is so awesome in a 1000 word comment.
Why I am horrible in a two word comment that ends in YOU!!!!!
Why my Facebook page is rad and why my Twitter is so freaking funny.

Did I mention I have a Facebook page? How about Twitter? How about Facebook?

Good luck to all! I can not wait to see the comments (Hey, it is 2011. I am trying to change!)

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