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Comments: Hi,

Not sure if you will have the time to respond to my email. I have lost 110 lbs and I am still trying to lose weight. I have included my blog.

Know that this morning, I was super depressed because I am at an all time plateau. Well, oh well, your blog made me go from depressed to happy within seconds.

I hope you have time to check out my blog.

Dear Kristine,

I saw your blog as well.

Yes, I do have a blog and my name is Tony.

Wow, blogging has changed.

I am writing back for a few reasons. I usually do not do this. I just read a email and ignore it. It is the way I am. I do help people in need. You have lost over 100 pounds. You are an inspiration. You have people who do not recognize you. You have family who talk about you.

“Oh my, Kristine looks great! You should see her, I mean, WOW!”

You blog. Hopefully, some people will link over from here to see your transformation. it is great.

You found me on You Tube. That is strange to me because I forget that I have videos on You Tube. I actually have You Tube because it is easier to embed videos on my blog.

Funny, isn’t it.

When I made that video you saw, I was shaking. I had a camcorder on a ladder. There was not an iPhone 4. No Flip camera. A camcorder that I spent $800 on. It might be the only thing I filmed on that camcorder.

But I am writing back because you found me. You found me like so many others. Who Google or search videos or look to the right on Facebook. Who look at a few posts, and then read everything I have written. I do not remember everything I have written. I never read a post, that is why i repeat a post from time to time.

You are right, I do have a blog, but the game has changed. Blogging is not sitting down and writing posts anymore. It is interactive now. Getting invovled with the community.

Facebook….knowing the balance of a quick post and the annoyance of bombarding someone’s news reel.

Twitter….I still do not understand it, but do have 17,000 followers. I make people laugh there, or upset people. One or the other.

I do have Youtube, where I opened an email from September yesterday. Boy, that person must be mad! I just forget I have a page there.

I remember I asked a question a while back. About a year ago on Twitter, I asked if there is bloggers you love with blogs you do not love? I remember getting weird comments back. I am used to it.

I think that is why I am a little popular, because I am out there.

So maybe I am the only one. Why are there bloggers I would do anything for, yet their blogs do not appeal to me? Why are there bloggers who I think are not good people, yet I get excited when they post?

Which one am I to people?Am I loved because I am popular, or people relate. Do I annoy some of the more popular bloggers with my “in your face” persona or would they embrace me when I walk through the doors of a conference?

I guess it does not matter as long as they read, right.

I have this weird philosophy. If you have one good post, one post that made me think, I will always read. Every post does not have to be Shakespeare. But I like the chance of seeing if it is.

What is the future for us weight loss bloggers? Am I the only one that after three years I can not get enough about writing about weight loss?It helps me. These crazy posts that get six comments with “I get it! Thanks for that post. Hey, have you tried Hip Hop Abs?”

Who knows.

I think about writing a book once in a blue moon. If I am serious, I will get the courage to pursue it.

Maybe going and doing speeches to large corporations about health and weight loss. Maybe having the courage to submit my story to all the magazines I said I would. Maybe instead of living in the CNN past, I can go forward.

Could I make “money” in this blogging world? Not sure. Most of us work for coupons here. For Facebook fans.

People say I am different.

Am I really though? Look at some of the people I look up to, they have full time jobs just like I do. This is a hobby.

Yet, how is it that I inspire so many people? You lost over 100 pounds. How much different am I than you? What do I write that makes people write me? People say that I am honest, but who isn’t. Where is my honest charm, when I talk about wiping my ass? When I practically beg for people to be in my social network? Where?

Somewhere I guess. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. My writing has gotten better. My ideas have been more stabilized. I understand the blogging world much more now. We are still a joke to the rest of the world. I know. I could have switched to be a fitness blogger, but decided not to. I am a chef, and I could have been a “Foodie”. Nah.

I am a weight loss blogger. One that has a full time job. One that enjoys doing this blog, making videos, tweeting, and the thought process of Facebook every day….

“Damn, what question have I not asked yet…Strawberry or Vanilla..NO! Um, quarters or nickles, no. Eh, quick, what fruit did you eat last. A classic!”

You wrote me, so I decided to do the same. I know you as much as you know me. You told me about your life, so I will do the same. People have told me that after reading a couple of my posts that they know me. They do not, they start to see themselves. Those are the people that get this weight loss blog stuff.

So, I am going to answer your question the same way you would. You know the life you used to live. You lost 100 pounds, you do not want to go back. A plateau is not gaining weight, you know that. You could be better, but 110 pounds lost is a great place.

Go out, buy a real cute outfit, and take a pic in it. Put it on your blog and see the reaction. Weight will come off. You know the feeling when it comes on.

Plateaus are different for everyone, and I find creative way to break through.



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