First off, I am so glad with the response so far on the POLAR contest. Honestly, it is a great HRM and it has helped my workouts.

I am giving away only one, but Chris from POLAR just posted this in the comments….

Hey All!

Tony – Thanks for the AWESOME post!

I’m reading through the comments and you guys have some great stories. I’m almost disappointed we’re only giving away one:( So how about this…

In addition to the giveaway – I’m going to give every single person who enters this giveaway a deep discount on the Polar of your choice. I’ll ask that Tony posts my email address when he makes the announcement:)

This is such a great community – thanks everyone!


Chris is a fantastic guy and one that truly cares about the blogging community! I will post his email address on Sunday night, so please enter if you are interested in a POLAR HRM!

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