Okay, so I have been very vague for a while. I have told you a little about myself for the last few posts. So I need to tell you a little more about me.

The last time I lost weight was in February of 2009. That was close to two years ago. When I got down to 198.8 pounds, I wanted to gain muscle. I never was in maintenance. I wanted to be because that is what I was supposed to do. Lose weight, maintain, inspire and then write a book. Instead, I went a different route.

The funny thing is there are 5 billion books on losing weight, and a few on gaining muscle. Most of those books are from athletes or people who are certified, yet do not have that much muscle on them. Tone and ripped are totally different than gaining muscle.

I am not an athlete. Not even close. I did play youth basketball in the 80’s where I scored two points in three years and hated wearing a tank top. I collected baseball cards.

Yet, I am not an athlete.

You might wonder why I always talk about the frustrations of workout videos that guarantee you will “Lose Fat and Gain Muscle”. Really look at the before pictures of most of the people. They are active in those shots. Although overweight, you can see that there is muscle underneath. Most of the before pictures are at swimming pools and ski slopes. Maybe I am the only one that sees it.

But it is confusing for me, hence my “Muscle Confusion”. When I first started to gain muscle, I did not eat a lot. It is like driving cross country with no gas in the tank. I did see some improvements, but my strength was not there. I did this for the first year. I had definition in my arms, and I was starting to see abs, but something was missing.

I am a food addict. I do not hide that fact. Losing weight does not make it go away. So I slowly did one of the scariest things I could do, I started to eat a little more. I started to gain weight, and with that my strength went up. This is a very scary thing though. This is where I had to trust in myself a little more than usual. I ate about 2600 calories a day, and I weighed in around 225 in the fall of 2010.

I thought about trimming down, but decided not to. Instead, I decided to eat more. Around 3600-4000 calories a day. I still worked out two hours a day. With more muscle came more fat. Where my arms got big, my pants got tight.

Remember, I still eat fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and beans. Just a lot of them. Whether you eat healthy or not, if you eat a lot, you will gain. You know the WW leader who says “You can not gain weight by eating fruits and vegetables.” Raise you hand next time and tell them about me.

So, here I am in January of 2011. Resolutions are dead to most. I probably weigh more than you do. There is no challenges for you to enter. I am not on a ranch. I am not selling a weight loss plan. I am not entering a body transformation for $100,000 cash. I am not pointing at you and telling you that you can do it!

Instead, I am going to show one guy how someone can change his body. How I am finally the “Before” picture I wanted to be.  On a blog I built. With a name I came up with because I did not lose weight eating two subs a day.

At 252.5 pounds, I am strong. I am confident. I am ready to trim up. I work out a lot. Now, time to cut back.

Every Monday I am going to do a live weigh-in. Just like the one above. I am going to hold myself accountable. This is for me.

More videos will follow as well. I will talk a little more about the whole “Bottom Line Diet”, where I will eat less (Around 2000 calories). How workouts can include cardio and strength training. But I will also show what I have been working so hard for over the last two years.

The last time I lost weight was 2009. The Carolina Panthers just finished a 12-4 season. My wife and I lived in a different house. I had a different job. And…. the coolest guy was not in my life.

Time to shine. Welcome to my Day 2.

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