A few months ago, I had one of my best workouts ever. While on I was on the Cybex Arctrainer, it said I burned over 3600 calories in 100 minutes. Now, it is inflated (It calculates cardio and strength or something like that), but I remember really pushing myself during that workout. I remember the sweat dripping on the floor.

And I have not seen many people put up those kind of numbers on a machine as well.

In the last three years, I have learned a lot about weight loss and myself. I do not need to put a disclaimer on my blog that I am not a doctor, because I rarely talk about calories you should eat and I am vague about workouts as well.

What I talk about is believing in yourself. It can be hard.

I know how a weight gain can ruin months of work. How a plateau can make you do drastic things. How losing 100 pounds can mess with your mind when you look at loose skin. To me,believing in yourself is more important that the calories. The mind games weight loss can play on you.

I truly think if I can lose weight, anyone can. I also know there is more to it. At 11pm, you have to be in control when there is cake in the refrigerator. When you wake up at 5am, you can not press the snooze bar. You have to give 100% at the gym. You have to know your limits on food.

And I know that people can say “It is only one bad meal” all day long.

I know how it can effect you. I know.

Maybe that is why I am good at this. Because I am not a preacher. While Jillian, Bob, and so many others tell you what you are doing wrong, I enjoy tell you what I do wrong. I do not mind making mistakes. I have done it for so long. I do not need to prance in panties to expose my flaws. They are in every post that I write.

But I believe in myself. I believe that my body has not seen its best yet. I believe that my blog has a lot of potential. I believe I have so much more.

I push myself. More than you know. While I am so happy with everything around me, I know I can be better. I have the best wife. I have the best son. I love my job and I have a great family.

Yet, I know that I can be better. I have worked so hard since February 2008. When people were telling me I would gain back all the weight, I have not. When people told me I was crazy to try to build muscle, I did. When people told me my blog was repetitive, I twisted posts around. I changed a lot.

And if you do not get anything else from my blog, know that there is no limit to your potential. A casual dining restaurant manager should not inspire people, including himself. I do though. Only a couple of people at work know my story, and they are amazed at the support I have. I am amazed at the support I have.

What is more amazing is the respect I have for myself. Where I would be the first one to put myself down, I want to bring myself up. I always see those motivational speakers and wonder if they were ever 420 pounds. If they inspire themselves, or just say the right things to inspire others. I never say the right things, but actions speak louder than words.

My blog is changing. My last few posts, to me, have been amazing. It made me truly love blogging again. My workouts have been great.

Maybe this is the first time you have seen my blog. Maybe it is the last. So I will leave you with one thing.

As great as it was to burn over 3600 calories on my best workout a while ago……

It is not as amazing as the 4000 calories I burned today.

Yeah…..it is time to shine.

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