After losing over 200 pounds, I thought my life would change…..

I thought I would be bombarded by emails. Companies offering me book deals. People wanting to sponsor my blog. Asking me to work for gyms and promoting products.

Now, to be honest…I was right. My life did change.


I thought that everything around me would change. Yet, everything around me stayed the same.

I remember driving home from my last weigh in at WW. I was 198.8 pounds. I went from 420 pounds to “Onederland” in a year. Without surgery or pills. Without a diet plan that I could write down because it changed a lot.

I looked out the window and I saw a McDonald’s. It has been there for a while. It was not going to go away. The shakes were still triple thick. The Quarter Pounder still tasted like it did in 1987. Like it would in 2015. The McRib would still be there for a limited time.

When I got home, the same ads were on the computer. Jillian pointing at me. Saying “You…yeah you…how much do you want to lose? 5 pounds? 10 pounds? Those same ads are out there today. Obviously people use them, if not they would not be out there. They will be there in a couple of years as well.

I never got a book deal. I never got sponsored. I never got the offer to work at Gold’s Gym.

I got something else. The love for myself.

I have the same job I had three years ago. The same wife. We live in the same city. I pass by the same restaurants. I work in the same restaurant.

Yet, I am different. I look different. I look at myself differently.

It is hard to realize when you make a life change. You want to think you are the same. For the longest time I did. But I think I might be better than before. I have all of the great qualities at 420 pounds, but able to be more productive in a smaller frame.

Someone at work made a comment to me that I walk with a swagger. I thought about it, and he was right. I do.

I am different.

The difference makes me appreciate my past. How hard I worked to be “normal” at a heavy weight. More so, it makes me look forward to the future, and what will come my way.

And a lot will be happening in the future.

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