Dear Tony ,

I read about your amazing weight loss  on CNN today. I am a physician  and I am trying to  loose weight for a long time , unsuccessfully.
Can you give me any suggestions or advise for me to change my life

Thank you,

In Need

Dear In Need,

I usually do not answer questions like this. I am not good at this kind of thing. You would think I would be, but I am not.

In fact, I get a lot of emails just like this that I do not answer.Not to be rude, it just is not like me.

You are a physician. My job is very similar.

While you are helping people with medical advice, I write 1000 word apology letters to people because the chicken sandwich we serve tastes too “chickany”. While you are prescribing medicine to ill patients, I get to explain to a 19 year old that the term “ass nugget” can be quite offensive.

Yet, I lost 200 pounds. I did do something that is pretty out there.

This makes me a weight loss guru. There are a lot of weight loss gurus out there.

Every single one of us are donkeys.

We all look different. Some are grey, some are white. Some are more muscular than others. Some pull and push more than others. Yet, every time us donkeys talk, we say the same thing…..

“Eeeehhhhhh Haaaawwwwww”

Some donkeys wish they were horses. They dress like horses with pretty saddles. They are not horses, we are donkeys.

The advice you hear from one donkey is the same as the next, except for a few flashy words.

Ripped, tone, burn, inspire.

Some claim they have the secrets. They can lose weight quick. They have a miracle workout or pill.

I get it, maybe you saw something like “The best way to lose weight is….” or “The one secret to weight loss is……” And then, the answer stays the same.

“Eeeehhhhhh Haaaawwwwww”

I am not going to tell you anything different. If you read my CNN story, I summed it up in less than nine words how I lost the weight.

I understand though, you need some sort of inspiration. Some sort of advice. Some way to know that this can be done.

Today at the gym, I saw the same thing I have seen since high school on ESPN.

If Brett Favre is going to start this week against the Giants.

It irritated me. Who cares? The Vikings are not a playoff team, and Brett is 41 and not in the best health. Yet, what he has done is the “secret” or “key” or whatever you want to say to inspire you.

Brett cares if he starts. He could care less what you think. He wants to start the game.

He has started every single game since 1992. His father passed away during the streak. Family situations happened. He had a scandal. He has annoyed the nation with retiring every year.

Yet, he brought it every single Sunday. He was not on the bench. He came to play.

That is what weight loss is. It is not a part time job. It is not 80%. It is not sitting back and watching other’s tell you what you know.

It is bringing it every single day. If your plan is to eat 1800 calories a day, then eat 1800 calories a day…every single day! Not when you feel like it. Not when it is convenient for you. Not during a holiday free month.

If you plan to work out 5 days a week, then do it. Not when the weather is perfect. Not when there is no TV to watch.

Weight loss, healthy living, and life are all the same. You get what you put into it.

If you want an easy way, go ask another donkey. They will tell you in a cute way

“Eeeehhhhhh Haaaawwwwww”

But this jackass eats carrots and apples. I run around when my wife lets me out. I do not want to be a horse. I am happy being a jackass.

This jackass is also kind of cute, and a little muscular as well. At least that is what my wife says when she gives me an apple.

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