Well, my birthday is over. Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes!!!!!

A few random things for ya…

Have you seen my blog post for Anytime Health? I am so happy with the relationship I have with Anytime Fitness. I have written for some online blogs before, and they did nothing to promote my posts. In fact, I felt like a one man band!Anytime Fitness does a real good job promoting my posts for their site. I put a lot of passion in these posts, just like any post that I do. I really like this one as well. I do feel like excuses can build and build…well, read the post. Also, if you like it, do not be afraid to hit the “like” button on the top of it. I “like” that!

I am going to do a review of “weight loss/ health/exercise apps” for mobile phones. I have so many apps for my phone I thought I would talk about which ones I like the most. Plus, someone sent me a code to test their app out. I asked this on my Facebook page, but which app do you like?

I got 1,600 likes on my Facebook page today. I want to thank everyone who reads me. A funny story, over a year ago I posed a question on the Weight Watcher’s board. I asked “What is your favorite fruit…I like apples!” I got over 300 responses. Every one of them was how I was an asshole, how I posted stupid things on the WW boards, I was not doing WW properly (Which the program has more “new and improved” than Tide Detergent), and no one cared about their favorite fruit. It is nice to know 1,600 people do care.

I never mentioned it, but please give my friend Sean a shout! He got to goal by losing an amazing 275 pounds!

Jen has a few new bloggers on her site. She is like the Jay Z of blogging, seeking new talent all the time.

That is all for now. If you have anything fun or exciting to mention, let me know, and I will try to wrap it up every Sunday.

See ya in a couple of days.

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