In February of 2008, I decided to do what I have done for close to twenty years, lose weight.

I was scared. My doctor told me I needed to lose weight to save my life. I knew that, but it does sting a little more when it comes from a doctor.

I joined Weight Watchers. After losing close to ten pounds the first week, I knew it could be done.

And it was done. Every week I would walk into the Weight Watchers meeting with confidence. There was a certain arrogance each week I went.

I would get weighed in and would walk out before the receptionist could tell me how much weight I lost. I never took off my shoes. I never was worried about a weigh in.

I went to meetings at first, but I got frustrated. Although I never missed a ‘weigh-in” I would find myself skipping the meetings.

I heard a lot of excuses from people.  At first I understood, then when people told me what I was doing could not be done, I got frustrated.

I remember a woman telling me that Ruby Tuesdays had a two point burger. I told her the receipt for that burger was more than two points.

Instead of meetings, I would spend a hour or two on my blog. I started The Anti-Jared in April of 2008. I wanted to document my weight loss, but really lost focus at first. I did not want to talk about my life, and realized that talking about weight loss is kind of boring. It was a personal blog, one that no one knew about. I told my wife and family about it in October of 2008. I had maybe 14 entries the first six months. I have over 600 now.

In December of 2008, I lost 200 pounds. Losing years of fat in ten months can go to your head. People did not recognize me. Everyone would ask me how I did it. When I told them I changed the way I ate, they wanted a different answer. It angered me. I got cocky.

In fact, a lot of things angered me. I was upset that my weight loss did not get the coverage it should have. I thought that news teams should ask me about it in amazement.

I was angered when people would call me Jared once I put my blog public. I was angered when I did not get responses from Weight Watchers corporate.

I was also going through a rough patch at my old job. Where they wanted me to change the way I managed people. Something that worked for so many years.So on one hand, I had this great accomplishment that I thought would change my career, and on the other hand, I lost 200 pounds as a Managing Partner for an Italian restaurant.

I felt like I was owed. I did this amazing feat and people should listen to me. I was wrong. I did what I needed to do.

Life did get easier. My back did not hurt. I did not need medications for my heart and my cholesterol.

I have always lost weight quick. When I thought that my journey was about losing weight, I was wrong. Anyone can lose weight. There are a million plans that if followed work.

After losing the weight, I realized I just started.I just got registered in this marathon of life.

This was different for me. I listened to my wife. It was about getting healthy. I went to the gym but did a lot of cardio. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, but did not focus on protein. As far as I have come at that time, I had so much more to do.

And I realized I did not want to be known as a success story. I did not want to be a “Page 67 in the April Prevention Magazine” guy.

I had a lot of other talents. I should not have been over 400 pounds. Yet, I was.

I took a step back and really thought about what I wanted to do with my life……

And I did not realize how humbled I would be in 2009.

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