So the last 24 hours have been pretty cool…….

Here is how it all started.

Earlier this week I made this slide show. It was inspired by the 120 pound journey video.

I did not want or my Facebook fanpage plastered everywhere on there.

Just a quick video to let someone know that losing weight is hard, but incredible. Also knowing the person you have been is amazing as well.

When I made the video, I cried. It meant a lot to me. So I wanted to get it out there.

I felt that if I was inspired by it, others would be as well. So I asked my brother to “Tweet” it. He is pretty popular on that Twitter.

I also put it up on iReport.

I love iReport, it is where I met my friend Giyen!

You can post any story, picture or video. Sometimes people see it, sometimes they do not. That is the fun of it!

I have been in a couple CNN pieces before because of it.

I got very few hits on my video on iReport .Something weird happened though

About 30 minutes after I put my video up on iReport, I got an email from CNN confirming that I was Tony Posnanski, and asked how I lost the weight. I answered pretty quickly. Usually this can be a two week process, so I did not think much more of it, just wanting to get my video out there.

About 10 minutes after I answered, I got a call from a CNN reporter. She was real nice, and telling me that she was working on a story that was on a tight deadline. She asked me questions about Slim Fast, Phen Phen, processed foods, what I liked to do, and so many other questions.

When I get interviewed, I am very careful on how I answer questions. I do not want to be one of those “I never said that!” persons.

After the interview she thanked me. I asked her what the story was about and she said it was about people who lost weight without “gimmicks”. So in my mind, I thought it was a compilation piece that would be in the back of the Health section.

The next day, I got another call from the reporter. She asked what my wife’s name was and if I could send a picture. She told me the story would “hopefully” be up later that day. I still did not know everything about it, but I did ask if she could like my blog. She said no problem.

I asked if there would be a link on the Health section for it so I could find it. In my mind, I was wondering how many other success storied would be in this article. She started to laugh, and said I would be able to find it.

Around 12:30pm on my wife’s birthday, my story came up. It was the top story in the health section. I read it, and loved it.

Sure, you are not going to know my whole story in one article, but I think it represented me well. I was the first Facebook person to recommend it! (Thumbs Up!)*

A little over a year ago, I was on the cover of AOL for this. I got a few Facebook friends, and a little more exposure. It was a really cool day for me.

Yesterday, about 15 minutes after my story was posted, it was on the front of

No Antiared. Me, Tony Posnanski.

Comments started to pour in on the CNN article. Over 400 as of right now.

If you are featured in a mainstream article, you should not read the comments. You think that the “50 year old man who hates you” writes a mean comment, wait till you meet a ton of  “16 year old EMO kids who really hate you” and get their hands on a laptop. Yikes!

It was in the top three stories on CNN all day. That is, until Kanye West stepped in and knocked me out. Damn you KANYE!!!!

People started to visit my blog. The weird thing was, very few went on my fanpage, but I did get a lot of Facebook friend requests.No Antijared, me Tony Posnanski.

I got a lot of emails. Some were thanking me, some wanted advice, some were just weird.

I blogged about my wife yesterday. I am careful about putting pictures of my family on my blog, but my wife looked nothing like the pic all over the internet. So I wanted to show everyone that she works just as hard as me, if not harder.

Then it was on (A Perez Hilton site), which my wife loves (Thank you Jennifer!)

It was on Forbes (Well a link anyway, can’t a guy dream!)

It was in a lot of places. Over 2800 people recommended it so far.

It was a neat day. I know how this stuff goes. A cool story will get a handful of people to follow my blog. That I am happy about. Luck will bring people here, but my talent will hopefully convince them to stay.

Maybe someone read the story and was inspired as well.

I do not think anything will happen from it. I was kindly passed on by Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Fox Orlando, and The Orlando Sentinel.

But for three wonderful years 24 hours, I felt like a weight loss star!

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