I started my first diet on February 4th, 1990. Over twenty years ago. Losing and gaining. Gaining and losing.

It has never been easy for me. I never understood why?

Every success story I came across made it out to be so easy. A simple shake, a couple of subs, certain foods to eat, move a little.

Something always got in the way.

I was too busy.
I was not motivated.
It was not the right program.

Tomorrow was the best day for me. Everything would happen tomorrow.

The problem with tomorrow is that it quickly turns into today. Then yesterday.

The last three years of my life have been the most rewarding. Not easy though. I was out of work for a month while helping out my wife during her pregnancy. I switched jobs. I had a wonderful son and I lost 200 pounds.

There were times I wanted to work out, but schedules got switched. There were days where I wanted to eat a lot. There were days where I would work out for 15 minutes and wanted to leave the gym.

But I worked through it. I found this weird strength that I did not have for seventeen years. I woke up early. Every day I stayed away from certain foods, it was more bearable. When I wanted to leave the gym, I worked out harder. My heart spoke to me more than ever. Results happened every day. Maybe not on the scale. Maybe not with my pants, but the feeling.

The feeling that I can do this. That tomorrow really is tomorrow, because I am doing this today. The feeling that I can keep the weight off.

This is not easy. I do not care how many people tell me weight loss is easy, I will not believe it. Fighting any addiction is not easy.

So many people want to tell you it is.  They window shop. They understand what I am going through, and tell me how I can fix all of my issues.

So where does that leave most? Feeling like a failure?

Well, you are not a failure. I am. The biggest one you will ever meet.

I am okay with that. Because you have to fail to succeed. At least I did.

I promised myself and my family and my wife so many times I would lose weight. That I could eat subs and lose weight. That I would eat well to drop pounds. So many empty promises.

I bet many of you are feeling like that now. Why is it so easy for others? Why did I eat so much at dinner, but my friend did not?

Well, there is no reason to feel sorry for yourself.

Because if I can lose weight. If I can gain muscle. If I can blog, anyone can. It is not easy, but it can be done. Once you find the right lifestyle, then it works. The “popular” diet is not always the best.

It just takes work. There are no quick fixes in my life anymore.

I work so hard everyday at it so that I will not be 420 pounds again.

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