Can you give me some tips for the holiday season? Especially Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is the day. Thanksgiving. Bad NFL games and uncomfortable times with family. The one day I can not wear a hoodie.

Where most of us will eat so much good food that we only get once a year.Where sweet potatoes magically turn into Yams.

I mean, do people just cook 23 pound turkeys in August?

This is the third time I have had a Thanksgiving while changing the way I ate.

I really do not like to give advice, but I thought, why not.

Thanksgiving Tips

1. It is one meal- You really have to make sure you understand that. If you do not, then it will be a very hard season. Once your meal is over, it is over. You should not keep on eating the same way day in and day out. I did, and look where it got me in the past.

2. One plate- Just fill up one plate with everything you want. I know about the 2/3 rule for vegetables, but fill the one plate up with your “goodies”. Do not go back for seconds. One time, plop on all of your favorites, and move on.

3. Do not feel guilty- Make the decision that it will be one meal. Guilt can lead to crazy things afterward, like crash diets.

4. Do not be “that” person- Not everyone is a healthy eater. DO not be the annoying person bragging how you are eating asparagus while everyone else is eating pie. People will just roll their eyes. Not like it has EVER happened to me.

5. Work out? I hear a lot about 5K races and a lot of gyms are open on Thanksgiving. The last two years I went, I was the only person at the gym. It is okay to take the day off from working out. Plus, it gives me more space at the gym.

6. No leftovers- Try to eat at a friends/in-laws/parents house. Remember, it is one meal. Do not make it one month.

7. Real thing!- Eating a low calorie version of a classic is like putting Corvette decals on a Ford Escort. You can tell me it is a Corvette all day long, but truthfully, it is an Escort. Eat smaller versions of the good stuff. If you eat a large amount of the “low cal” pie, then you will probably end up eating more than you should have anyway.

8. Drink water while you eat- Not really sure, but it always worked for me.

9. Coffee for dessert- If you ate a huge meal, and everyone is eating dessert, just opt for a coffee so you can still be with everyone.

10- Wear tight pants- Okay, maybe not. But do not wear loose pants that turn into tight pants when you leave.

There are a couple of tips. Although I have an “all or nothing” mentality, 99% of other people do not. Use Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family. Not only that, if there is something that you have wanted to eat all year long, do it. That meal comes once a year. I am not saying to do this every holiday, but if you are concerned, just keep in mind….. it is one meal.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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