“I am a new blogger. Do you have any advice?”

I am a lurker. I fully admit it. I read a lot of blogs but rarely comment.

It is a weird thing for me. It either takes a lot for me to comment or very little. Either I am incredibly moved by a post, or there is something in the post that strikes a thought in my mind.

Like if someone blogged about pickles…I would comment….

“Yeah, I know the dill.”

There are lot of lurkers who read my blog as well.

Hell, there are lurkers who read every one’s blogs. The ones who will pop on from time to time. Maybe they do want to comment, but then decided not to. No real reason, just do not feel like putting their name, email, and http down for all to see.

The comments that motivate me are when a lurker does comment on one of my posts and says “I did not want to comment, but this is the best post you have ever done!”

When I read that comment, it makes me work real hard to come up with a better post. Just like an old picture, I do not want to live in the past.

When you blog, you can not be great every time. It is the hardest  thing for so many to understand.

“Why did I get 40 comments on this post and only 4 on this one?”

There will be posts that make no sense.
There will be posts that contradict everything you blogged about two weeks ago.
Then there are those posts that everyone loves, yet you did not connect with what you wrote.
Then……which might be the worst, are the posts that you love and you think that everyone will connect with, and no one understands. Being alone is rough.

My thing is that all it takes from me is one post from a blogger. I get it. Every post is not a masterpiece. Every post will not move a community.

One great post that will make me read that blogger. Time after time. Again and again. Everyone has it in them.

See, the thing is, everyone struggles. We get it.

I like blogs that talk about being in a struggle. Maybe it is about weight. Maybe it is about working out. Maybe it is about relationships. We all struggle, but how are you going to get through the struggle? How are you going to handle the struggle?

We all have our blah posts. The ones where we are writing, then in the middle of the post do not understand why we are writing it, but realize that you can not turn back and decide to finish and post. Then there are the great ones. We all see it, just do not comment on them.

There is a great post in everyone. I have read so many of them in the three years I have been blogging. I have also read some horrible posts.

So my blogging advice?

Keep writing. What is good for you might not be good for me. What is bad for you might not be bad for me. Just like in weight loss, the more you do it, the more confidence you get. The more confidence you get, the better your posts are. The better your posts are, the more it helps YOU in this journey.

Well, that is what happened to me.

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