So today I am featured on

It is really cool to see your own picture on a major website. I thought the article was well written and I was not misquoted.

You get kind of nervous these days with those Marie Claire articles.Trust me, that is all I need!

You also learn never to read the comments on a major publication.

They can be beyond brutal.

With all of that…….

Something weird happened when I saw the article.

I was not the only one who changed.

My wife looks nothing like that old picture anymore.

She is probably 50 pounds less than that picture and more active.

She is a different person, yet the same. Like me.

Sometimes I do not give her enough credit….

I do not give her enough credit for the fantastic job she has done this year. She has tracked her food every single day. She has made different food choices. She has done this without anyone around her saying a word.

I do not give her enough credit for how cute she looks in her clothes now.

I do not give her enough credit for the mom she is. How much patience she has with out son. How passionate she is about walking everywhere with him.

I do not give her enough credit for the wonderful person she always has been.

Today is my wife’s birthday. She is my life. I met her ten years ago, and I am beyond lucky to be with her. We have a great family.

And looking at that old pic, I realized we all made sacrifices to make this thing work.

Happy Birthday Rebecca.

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