I have received a lot of email after my CNN story.

Yet…I have not answered many of them.

Instead, I am going to take the next few posts and answer some questions that I have been asked.I think you will enjoy this, since they were some really good questions.

Some are new, some are the same questions I always get asked, and some I have answered before, yet have a different take on the question.

Some are questions I have been asked on my Facebook page.

So, enjoy the mailbag for the next couple of weeks.


Why is this time different? Do you think you will get back to 400 pounds?

I have lost weight many times in my life. Every time resulted in me gaining more weight. I was never happy when I lost weight. I would get to 190 and then hate myself in the mirror. Then lose more to get to 180, and think I was fat. Then get to 170, and realize I would never get to weight I wanted to, so I would give up and gain back the weight.

The weird thing about being 420 pounds is my life was great around me.

My wife has always been wonderful. My job was going well in a rough restaurant economy.We were getting a new house, and my family was there supporting me.

But I felt like I was looking at my life while unable to move.

It truly seemed like overnight I was unable to do things. One day I could not put on a seat belt. Then, my pants got to small. Then I could not wipe myself in the bathroom. Then, I could not bend down. Then, my back hurt.

It is tough living your life when everything is passing you by. So many good things were happening around me, but I was self destructing.

That is why this time was different,

It was not about looking better. Who would I impress? My wife who already loved me ?My family already cared about me.

My job was going well at 420 pounds.

If you look at my fashion now, you know I did not lose weight to wear cool clothes.

I wanted to gain my life back, if that makes sense. Every decision I made helped me get back to normal. The better I ate and the more I moved got me back to where I once was.

I put on a seat belt. The bathroom got easier. My pants would not rip. I was able to bend down. The back pain went away.

420 pounds was three years ago. There are days when it seems like ages ago, then others when it seems like hours ago.

When I lost the weight this time, I ha some fears about gaining it back.

We all do. We all have a fear.

Sometimes a fear can be good.

To answer your question, this weight loss journey is not about the numbers anymore. I will weigh more than some and less than others. My wife loves me the same, and my job is still going well.

I got back to normal. I work hard every single day to stay there.

So I will not gain back the weight. I tell myself this every single day.

Because I can not go back to living the way I did.

Next post…….Holiday Tips…coming soon!

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