“Tony, can you give me some tips on blogging?”

I have received hundreds of emails on working out, dieting, loose skin, the right foods to eat, water consumption and my opinions of weight loss surgery.

Yet, I have received one email about tips on blogging.

In my opinion, that might be one email too many. My blogging style is a little different than most.

I enjoy writing though. I am amazed at the people who read me each week. It helps me a lot to put my thoughts down, and I am glad it helps others as well.

But I thought…you know, I can give a couple of tips. Not only that, I would like to ask for some tips from you as well.


1. Enjoy blogging- This sounds silly, but to me it is the most important part. If you blog to make money, or to get noticed it will not happen. It happens when you put your heart into your writing. If you blog to inspire others yet do not inspire yourself, you will quit. For me, I enjoy sitting down and writing a post. There are days when I do not feel like blogging, so I do not. I have never been an every day blogger kind of guy. I blog when I have something to say or want to write down a feeling. I usually write after going to the gym. One reason I love the gym is I collect all of my thoughts there.

2. You will offend- Never write something because you know others think that way. You do not have to please, it is your blog. If you truly have an opinion, you need to express it. Watch how you word it, but express it. Everyone will not have the same opinion as you. Yet, if you hold back, then you are not blogging. You are pleasing the masses.
I was over 400 pounds. I could not do certain things in life. I did it all to myself. Of course I am going to be opinionated. When doctors told me surgery was the only option, when people told me I could not lose weight, of course I am going to be different. The more I write and read, the more I can understand where people come from, just like my readers on me.

3. All or Nothing- People will misquote you or tell you what you wrote all the time. I call this my “All or Nothing” part. A long time ago I wrote that I was an “All or Nothing” guy. A few readers wrote me to tell me that they were offended because they are not all or nothing. Then it got turned into I wrote that the only way to lose weight is to be all or nothing. Just remember people are going to get what they are going to get from your blog.

4. Know what a negative comment is- Believe it or not, I love constructive criticism. If you disagree with something I say, that is fine. I always look at other’s point of view, and see where I could have done something different.
That being said, talking about grammar or calling people names like “Filthy MFer” is not constructive. That is negative and silly.

When someone disagrees with you, it is not negative, just a different view.

5. Respond- This is what I am HORRIBLE at. I wish I communicated with readers more than I do. I think it is the piece I have always been missing. I try to on Twitter and Facebook, but I do not as much on here.

Okay, so there are a few tips.

What advice/tips do you have on blogging?

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