I went back and forth with the title. I went with the original version

Every time my wife reads a post of mine, she looks at me and says…

“I can edit your posts for you if you want. There are a lot of grammatical and sentence errors.”

She does not say it to be mean. My wife is one of the smartest people I know. She was her high school yearbook editor. She wants to help me as much as possible. She always has.

She says it so I would be considered a more credible writer. She always wants the best out of me. For ten years, she has seen the talents in me that even I have not seen.

I always smile at her and say…..

“Nah. My blog is raw. The errors make sense to me.”

For a while I have wondered if I was a writer. In a way, I wanted to be. My brother is a writer. The best writer I will ever know. I always looked up to him.I read his stuff and wished I could be like him.

Am I a writer? Maybe, but…..

I am a blogger.

I love blogging. I love to write every so often about a weird topic, see the responses, and move on. If you read my posts, you can learn a lot about me.

I learned that you do not have to be a good writer to be a good blogger. You have to be interesting. You have to have a sense of humor about yourself. You have to be true to yourself.

There are blogs I have read from talented writers that bore me to death. Although they might have gotten an A- on their technique I can not finish the 1000 word essay on their love for oregano.

Then there are some blogs that have run on sentences, misspelled words, and no capitalized “I’s” that I look forward to every day. When their new post pops up on my Google reader, I get giddy!

I get excited.

Blogging is passion. Writing your feelings. Showing your emotions to the tens of hundreds of readers.

I enjoy doing it, but realize that it is fun for me.

Do I need to blog? Probably not. Do I want to do this for a living…no.

There was a time when I did. When I thought I could go to conferences and conventions and talk about my weight loss and how I inspire people through my blog.

But I will not. I am not a convention kind of guy. I can not “OMG Twitter” like the big bloggers out there. I can not be passionate about new products that do nothing for weight loss.

My blog is like the word “Vagina”.

Vagina is not a bad word. It is not offensive. Yet, most people think it is.

And that is what my blog is. A weird place where you will get 400-500 words every couple of days. The grammar is bad poor. I do not capitalize the first word of my sentences.

Sometimes I offend when I try not to. Sometimes my view is taken the wrong way.

Yet, I try to be as interesting as possible.

You will look at my pictures at the gym, and wonder why I talk about food addiction. Not about protein powders or HIIT workouts. Not about Ironman competitions or marathons.

But a success story who could tell you that everything is wonderful, but instead wants you to know that it is okay to struggle. Because I do. I hate feeling like I am alone. I am not.

So there will be errors. There will be mistakes in my blog. I will not be on anyone’s top 50 inspirational list. I will not be speaking at events. I will not be an “AOL Diet Writer”.

But I will blog. Critique me all you want, tell me that I should not put good posts on Saturday because it is a slow day for readers. Tell me I should guest blog on more popular blogs to get my name out.

Because if I listened to everyone, I would have not lost 200 pounds. No one believed I could do it.

Well, two people did.

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