“Hey Jared I really need your help, iv been fat all my life. I’m 17 years old and i’m 360lbs.
I’m tired of being the funny fat friend, always have problems fitting it cars, seats, clothes and its really hard for me to breath.
What did you do to lose 200 pounds?please make a step by step guild on what to eat, run,lift weights, ect for me because I want to go to my school prom looking like a new person.Iv skip all my school dances because of my overweight and lost someone I love.”

It is easy for me now to say I have self esteem. I am going to be 35 in December. I have spent most of my life feeling like a failure.

I have been overweight my whole life. When I would lose weight, I was still “fat”. I never felt right. I was never skinny.

I was always fat.

I was never the “normal” kid.On the outside I was the funny one. I loved to make people laugh. I wanted approval. I wanted the insults to stop. I learned that the easiest way is to beat them to the punch. I made sure the worst, humiliating insults about myself came from me. The problem is, when you say it over and over again, you believe it.

I was the one that wanted to be popular. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be normal.  I watched “Revenge of the Nerd” type movies enough. I knew my day would come.

I would do anything for it.

Anything for a 16 year old kid is different than a 32 year old man who has been down the road. A 32 year old man who remembers the girls telling him “We can be friends”.

Knowing that really meant “You are too fat for me”.

Being the fat funny friend stinks.

I get emails from people who were athletes in high school, and then they woke up. In their 30’s. Overweight, not knowing where they are. How did they get to be over 250 pounds? Lost. Scared.

I get emails from people who were triathletes, who never ate right. Finding my blog through a Google search. Wanting to get back the look they had in their 20’s. Asking me for any type of advice.

There is a part of me that wants to know where were all of these people for me in high school. When I needed them the most. When the football player could have just invited me to a party instead of making fun of me. Or the “hot girl” could have hung out with me instead of pretending to be nice to me

The email about is the one that gets me every time.It is the one that I relate to. I was that kid. I was the “fat kid”. And when I lost the weight, I was still fat.

I was the joke. The one that was the “friend”. The one that people laughed at.

I responded to the email above. I rarely do that anymore, but I was that kid.The email above mine as well be me.

I did not write back a cool response. I did not write back how he should hit the gym every day.

I told him he should join Weight Watchers. If he does not want to go to the meetings, then do it online. It will give him all of the tools that he needs. What he is looking for. If not WW, then there are so many programs online that will help.

Maybe not to be the cool kid, maybe not to get kissed by the head cheerleader, but to get healthier.

I did not get a response because my answer was dorky.

A guy talking about Weight Watchers?

Sometimes being unpopular can save your life.

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