So the other day I asked for a spotter while bench pressing.

After pushing 275 a few times, I got up, looked at the humongous guy who spotted me and said..

“OMG!!! Did you read the Marie Claire article! Like what!!!!!!!!!!”

That is right!There is an article in Marie Claire called “The Hunger Diaries” that has the blogging community a buzz!

More than “Julie and Julia”! More than “The Social Network”

The article talks about health bloggers and if they give the right perception to the community.

Many people have blogged posts about it. Most posts are the same.

Yes, the article is very one-sided. I could even go as to say unfair.
Yes, the author had an agenda before she even interviewed “The Big Six”.
Yes, we do have issues in our own community.

I have my own opinion as well.

Welcome to the “You either love me or hate me” post. Where I gain 20 Facebook fans or lose 100 of them.

Lick My Kettleballs Part 3- Isn’t Marie Claire married to Nick Cannon?

1. Conferences– I am glad that bloggers go to these “blogging conferences” where they are wooed by Quaker Oats, but they can be kind of wearing for readers. We love you bloggers, but we are not going to buy Stonyfield Yogurt because you tell us to. Because Chobani tweets all the time does not mean we love it. Do not treat us like idiots. We love you for your passion for life, not for your selling ability.

Also, enough with the inside jokes at these conferences. We were not in the hotel room with you. We did not get up early with you. Make us feel part of the conference, not like an outsider.

2. Hashmark Queen– When you health bloggers tweet, do you have to put a hashmark on everything? Do you get paid for doing this?

You are the Hashmark Queen, young and sweet, Tweeting everything
Hashmark Queen, see what I ate, and the Tweet about #Listerine
You can Tweet, You can Tweeeeeeet!!!
Telling you the time of my life
See that blogger push #Blogher
It is the hashmark queen!!!!

I would never do that! #fitblog

3. The “Big Six”– Well, someone needs to say it since everyone is thinking it. Who made that name up? Come on, fess us! It is there, someone named it!!!!! Who did it?

Because whoever did it is a genius! I LOVE IT! I will be honest though, I only have heard of one of the “Big Six” bloggers.

I want to be one of the “Big Six”. Do you think we could get an expansion to the “Big Seven”? Hell, I will even take Yum Yucky with me and become the “Big Eight”.

They did steal the name from my meals at 420 pounds. I was a “Big Six” eater.

4. Eye for an eye? Have you seen the Marie Claire Facebook page? (Which gained over 1000 new fans today). There are so many angry and nasty comments and letters to the editor, the author Katie Drummond, and people outside the health blogging world. Does that make it right?

Sure, the article was one sided. It was taken out of context. Nasty comments just show how defensive we are. When you fight back that way, no one takes us seriously. I think the “Big Six” (Links are on the bottom of this post) wrote very professional rebuttals. I think our community could have handled it better, because anger gets us no where.

Wow, I just said that.

5. What if it was me? What if they wrote the article on me? I would read it, and then say “Um…you have it wrong. I do have a food addiction, but I was able to wipe my ass at 354 pounds. It was after that I could not.”

Truthfully, I get a sprinkle of very nasty letters. From “You’re all or nothing attitude disgusts me” to ” Why don’t you just die” to “You are a stupid Mother F*cker”. You take the good with the bad.


Luckily, I do inspire enough people, like the “Big Six” does as well. We should all be proud! But it means nothing if we can not inspire ourselves.

I guess I look at this a little differently than most.

I am a male, I am a weight loss blogger, and I have a dog. With all of that, I am a blogger in the health community, and I have a voice.

The truth is, the “Big Six” will get huge from this. Marie Claire will sell a lot of magazines. The author of the article will be a blogging household name. Yes, blogging will get bigger now. This is a pretty important part in health/ weight loss blogging history.

Caitlin (The only “Big Six” blogger I heard of, and I respect a great deal)* wrote a great retraction, and got over 700 wonderful comments. If this will get her more people to inspire, then a set back like this is worth it to move forward.

*In all fairness, one of the other bloggers lives in Orlando, which is where I live.

At the end of the day, I have this weird feeling. Marie Claire wrote something that the bloggers thought I would believe about them. The bloggers wrote something that Marie Claire thought I would believe.

Truthfully, I am smart and can come up with my own conclusions.I know who inspires me and who the paper tigers are.

I do think there are more winners than losers in this.

Much more.

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