What inspires you?

This is Courtney. I am pretty sure you have not heard of her. She does not blog. She might have thought about doing one, but every time she does decides not to. She follows a couple of blogs, but not many.

She likes Roni. Most people on Weight Watchers follow Roni.

She is 429 pounds in this picture. Not 420 poundsĀ  like I was, but 429 pounds. It was rough.

She used to follow me on the Weight Watchers boards. I used to post my numbers every week. She would always write a comment in my threads, supporting me.

While so many members were annoyed with me, she rooted me on.

Then I started to blog. Courtney read every post. She could relate to someone who was over 400 pounds. Not being able to do things that most could do. Not getting hit on as much as others. She rarely commented on my blog. The only comment I remember getting from her was “Tony, I lost 140 pounds!”. I remember sending her a Facebook message telling her how great that was. She sent back a message which said “Thanks :)”.

When I lost 200 pounds I wanted to tell the world. I blogged about it all the time. I commented on other blogs as well. I got kicked off of the WW boards because I promoted it so much. People need to know that losing 200 pounds is possible. It is SOOOOO much weight to lose. As annoying as it was, I knew it would help some people.

Then Courtney sent me a Facebook message to tell me she lost 200 pounds. 200 pounds on Weight Watchers. A girl from South Carolina who loves her sister and family, who works so many hours found the courage to lose weight. She told me people did not recognize her. Guys were flirting with her. When I read it I cried. Not only was I happy for her, but every story I hear makes me realize this is SOOOOOO possible. I wrote her a much longer message about how she inspired me. She sent back a message which said “Thanks :)”

Then I got another message. 221 pounds lost. I looked at the picture above. I looked at the confidence of Courtney. The strength. The diligence she has. She loved to go clothes shopping now. Why not, things fit now.

When you lose a lot of weight, there is a point when you wonder why you did not do this earlier. Then you realize it does not matter…I am happy now. After I told her a huge wow, she sent back a “Thanks :)”.

Courtney has lost 243.2 pounds. She is 30 pounds away from being a lifetime WW member. She works out and works hard. She watches everything that she puts in her body and loves life. The beautiful person has confidence. She has power.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, know it can be done. No quick fix, nothing easy, but it can be done. I wonder if Weight Watchers even knows her story. If they are worried about Jennifer Hudson or Jenny McCarthy selling Fruities.

Do you know why I blog? Why I tell my story?

So I can tell Courtney’s story. So I can prove to that 400 pound person rolling his/her eyes that this can be done.

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